Saturday, December 30, 2006

If I were to post CJ's Radio Olio's Top 50 of 2006 [attn.!: recount now shows 54 tracks in this year's top 50...], then it would resemble the following in every detail:

  1. Women Of Sodom - Nightmare on Dyke Street (Tipper Gore mix) - Boots

  2. Nina Gordon - Straight Out Of Compton - Single

  3. Buckwheat Zydeco - Buck's Step-Up - Classics

  4. Joan Jett - Doing All Right With the Boys - Bad Reputation

  5. Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction to Your Mind - Oxford American Southern Music CD No. 6

  6. Walking Wounded - Shattered/Toytown - New West

  7. The Monkees - Papa Gene's Blues - The Monkees

  8. Amboy Dukes - Baby Please Don't Go - Amboy Dukes

  9. Stereo Total - Supercool - Juke-Box Alarm

  10. Kimberly Kyle - I Like That Boy - Kimberly Kyle

  11. George Carlin - WINO Radio (excerpt 3)(live) - Take-Offs and Put-Ons

  12. Larry Raspberry and the Highsteppers - Dixie Diner - High Steppin' and Fancy Dancin'

  13. Roosevelt Sykes - Boot That Thing - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 1, 1929-1930

  14. Blind Alfred Reed - How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live - Complete Recorded Works 1927-29

  15. Johnny Cash and June Carter - Jackson (live) - At Folsom Prison

  16. Skillet-Lickers - Miss McLeods Reel - Complete Recoded Works - Volume 5

  17. The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men - Single (12 inch Single)

  18. James P. Johnson - You've Got to Be Modernistic - Snowy Morning Blues

  19. Tom Waits - Heigh-Ho! (The Dwarfs' Marching Song) - Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films

  20. Tommy Rhoades and J.D. Allen - Eighth of January (live) - Voices From the Dust Bowl

  21. The Swingers - Foundry Joe - Big Hits of Mid-America v.3

  22. Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was The Night/Cold Was The Ground - Praise God I'm Satisfied

  23. Weird Al Yankovic - Don't Download This Song - Straight Outta Lynwood

  24. Tower of Power - What is Hip? - Tower of Power

  25. The Fidelitys - Walk With the Wind - Pittsburgh's Favorite Oldies: For Lovers Only

  26. The Clash - I'm Not Down - London Calling

  27. The American Breed - The Alone Phone - Best of Dunwich Records, Vol. 1: Oh Yeah

  28. Shimura Curves - Noyfriend - My Space download

  29. Nat King Cole Trio - Embraceable You - 1943-44

  30. Melting Euphoria - Arwr Rhithweledidad - Inside the Gardens of the Mind

  31. Marie Rappold - Oh Promise Me - Edison Amberol - 28029

  32. Interview with Bama - How I Got in the Penitentiary (live) - Prison Songs (Historical Recordings From Parchman Farm (1947-48), Vol. 1

  33. Eric Idle - Australian Table Wines - The (Worst) of Monty Python

  34. Elvis Costello & the Attractions - Pump It Up - Modern Edge

  35. Donna Summer - I Feel Love - The Dance Collection

  36. Bob and Ray - Manufacturer's Outlet Sale (live) - Bob and Ray v.I

  37. Winston Holmes & Charlie Turner - Kansas City Dog Walk - Kansas City Blues (1924-1929)

  38. U.S. Marine Band - The Liberty Bell - Wax Cylinder

  39. The Ink Spots - Street Of Dreams - The Anthology

  40. The Carter Family,Brother Bill, and Benny - Theme/Break/ID2 - V3 On Border Radio

  41. Slick Slavin - Speed Crazy - Red Hot Rockabilly Part 3

  42. Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger (alt. take) - Goldslinger: The Best of Shirley Bassey

  43. Roy Orbison - Stayed Out Too Late - Orbison

  44. Mound City Blue Blowers - Muskrat Ramble - Mound City Blue Blowers: 1935-1936

  45. Manella - My Computer is a Radio Star -

  46. Lotte Lenya - Die Moritat von Mackie Messer - Berlin & American Theatre Songs

  47. Jesper Fries - Summer on the Radio - This Here Heart

  48. James Wayne - Junko Partner - Best of Harlem & Jax Records, Vol. 2

  49. Iggy & The Stooges - Search and Destroy - Raw Power

  50. George Johnson - Prodigal Son - Prison Songs (vol 2)

  51. Firesign Theatre - No Jokes About America - All Things Firesign

  52. Ervin Webb and Alan Lomax - Interview - 61 Highway Mississippi

  53. Cheech & Chong - Dave - Cheech & Chong

  54. Brother Joe May - WDIA Radio Station Plug - Thunderbolt Of The Middle West

Listen between now & midnight Mon. night US Central time (-0600 UTC) for the Best of 2006, followed by Clarence's Faves, 5 hours for your dining & dancing pleasure only on CJ's Radio Olio.
Love & Peace, Clarence

The Olio's Top 50 plus Clarence's Faves all New Year's Holiday

Starting tonight (Saturday, December 30) at 10:00 pm (-0600 UTC), CJ's Radio Olo presents The Olio's Top 50 of 2006! Thes are the 50 tracks (with ties, 51) rated the highest by listeners to The Olio during 2006. It's a truly eclectic mix of songs & spoken word bits that shows the wide variety of sounds on The Olio.
And, that's not all! Following the Top 50 is Clarence's Faves, a selection of some of my favorite tracks from The Olio's playlists in 2006. That's Five hours of music ranging from Ragtime to MySpace bands, All Genres, All Eras.
For your listening convenience, the Top 50 plus Clarence's Faves begins on Saturday, December 30th at 10:00 pm US Central Time (-0600 UTC) and continues in a 5 hour block back-to-back through Midnight Monday night, January 1st. (for example, show starts at 10 pm Sat., repeats at 3 am Sun, 8 am Sun. etc.)
So check out The Olio Top 50 and Clarence's Faves of 2006 anytime over the New Year's Holiday. Just go to The Olio's Live365 page and click on the 'Play' icon. If you are new to Live365, scroll down the page for info on how to listen (you don't have to register the first few times you listen). Check it out!
Thanks to all who listened in 2006, and have a safe & happy New Year!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Sunday, December 24, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio's Top 50 Countdown on New Year's Weekend!

Starting Saturday Dec.30th at 10:00 pm US CST (Dec. 31st at 4:00 am UTC) CJ's Radio Olio will present The Olio Top 50 for 2006. These are the 50 highest-rated tracks from throughout the year, as rated by the Listeners to CJ's Radio Olio. As befits the eclectic nature of The Olio, music in the chart ranges from a march recorded in 1894 to songs from MySpace pages. Freeform for sure!
Following the Top 50 countdown will be a program with some of my favorite tracks of 2006 not to make the listener's list. You'll hear music from The Replacements, Bert Williams, Bikeride, Vladimir Horowitz, and Scott Walker, among others. If you love variety, and you want to enjoy cool music that you've never heard, catch the Top 50 of 2006 followed by my faves of 2006. It's five hours altogether, starting Saturday December 30th at 10:00 pm US CST (that's -0600 UTC), and repeating every 5 hours New Year's Eve & New Year's Day through Midnight US CST Monday night. Just come to CJ's Radio Olio's Live365 page.
A big Thank You! to The Olio's listeners for your time and support. And props to all the Musicians who created the music on The Olio: especially the bands & solo artists on MySpace who've responded over & above my dreams by making their music availible. To paraphrase Mr. Ellington,"I Love You Madly!".
Love & Peace, Clarence

Sunday, December 10, 2006

It's (past) time! So, CJ's Radio Olio's Top 25 tracks for November as voted by you Listeners) is now posted on the Top 25 page. This month, due to ties, there are 38 tracks in the list. As always, the top tracks are voted on by You, the Listeners. So keep voting for your faves!
And, on New Years Eve & throughout New Years Day, you can hear the top tracks of 2006 as voted by Listeners, along with a show consisting of some of My Favorite tracks of the year! Keep listening for more details (as I figure them out!).
Love & Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

RIAA Claims Songwriters, Publishers Make Too Much Money

Yes, you read that right: article from Radio & Records site.
The RIAA, which has asked the US Copyright office to raise the Performance Royalties Live365 & most other legal webcasters pay to 30% of the webcaster's gross revenues, has now asked the Copyright office to CUT the Royalties paid to Publishers & Songwriters. The RIAA feels that publishers & songwriters made too much while recorded music sales fell.
(from article): "During the period when piracy was devestating the record industry, the RIAA argues, profits for publishers rose as revenues generated from ringtones and other innovative services grew."

Soooo...publishers & songwriters were not hurt by piracy (although they did not make a penny on all that pirated music), and the record companies have not seen "profits [grow] as revenues from ringtones and other innovative services [grow]". Let's see: 50 cents for every 99 cent track sold by iTunes, similar amounts from MSN, Yahoo!, plus whatever from the subscription plans from Napster & Rhapsody, along with half a Billion dollars from Microsoft to Universal Music (a part of General Electric, where 'Progress is Our Most Important Product')...

in other words "Just bend over, this won't hurt a bit..."

Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, November 30, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio Goes Underboard for Christmas

Now on CJ's Radio Olio: just a wee bit o' Holiday music! Only a wee bit because last year I, somewhat overboard. "gulp"...
You may ask which Artistes made the xmas cut this time. And, I may answer: Amos Milburn - Bing Crosby - Bit Shifter - Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans - the Bomboras - Brenda Lee - Choir of Mount Angel Abbey - Chuck Berry - Darlene Love - David Bowie - Doris Day - Eddie Duchin and his Orchestra - Elvis Presley - Four Imperials - Frank Sinatra - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Incubus - Jim'll's Brain - John Fahey - John Lennon and Yoko Ono - Kirov Theatre Orchestra - London Festival Choir - Marcia Ball - Merle Haggard - Ray Stevens - The Chipmunks - The Drifters - The King Cole Trio - The O'Jays - and the Vince Guaraldi Trio.
Here's hoping that you're comfortable wherever you are. And for those near the Equator & well south of it: wear your sunblock!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Patience is rewarded! (who's she?) New Playlist on The Olio!

A new playlist with some new tracks are (finally) on CJ's Radio Olio! Who are the Artistes added to the mixture of Olio sounds? The rookies are: Agnes Malabey - Badfinger - Beatallica - BeeGees - Big Star - Billy Vera - B.J.Thomas - Blunt - Bob Newhart - Box Tops - Brook Benton - Firesign Theatre - Glen Campbell - Godfrey Cambridge - Guerino Et Son Orchestre Musette & Django Reinhardt - Iggy Pop - James P.Johnson - Jimmy Ruffin - Judy Garland w/ Barbra Streisand - Little Richard - Madeline Flash - National Lampoon - Pardon Me Boys - Planet of Women - Ray Charles - Robert Klein - Sam Cooke - Sheena Morris - Shoes - Soulhat - Steampacket - Switchblade Kittens - The Clash - The New Pornographers - The Raconteurs - The Sheds - Walking Wounded - Weird Al Yankovich - What Made Milwaukee Famous - and the Yardbirds.
I beg your indulgence for a moment. I've been fighting a particularly bad patch of Depression the last couple of months. I've been dealing with Clinical Depression for almost 40 years, & it's a process of surviving the lows with all the knowledge & perseverance you can muster. And you CAN come out of it. But it's a biotch when you're in one nasty funk, as opposed to listening to some nasty funk. ;-)
I'll try to do better.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, November 2, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio's Listener Top 25 for October

Howdy Howdy! Time once again for CJ's Radio Olio's list of the Top 25 tracks as chosen by The Olio's Listeners. These are the top rated tracks during the period October 1 through October 31, 2006. To see the full list, go to The Olio Top 25 page.
On the list, repeaters from last month are Otis Redding, Nina Gordon, Lotte Lenya, the immortal Slick Slavin, George Carlin, and a track from the National Lampoon Radio Hour. Artistes added in the last 31 days that made it into the Top 25 include David Rufin (from Meridian Missisippi, Ladies & Gentlemen!), Artesian, & the lead track from Tom Waits' new 3-disc collection. If this list isn't an example of eclecticism at it's finest, eclecticism doesn't exist!
Thanks as always to the Listeners of CJ's Radio Olio, who rated these tracks their faves. Want to experience music ranging from Tin Pan Alley to MySpace bands? Join the crowd & listen to CJ's Radio Olio!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Best Friend and I saw Roy Head in the late 80's at a club in Houston. He was playing to the country audience then, so we got a bunch of Alabama songs, along with his country hits from the late 70's. At the end of the night, his band launched into "Treat Her Right". It was a quarter century after this clip, but he could still do these moves.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Performing his big hit "Treat Her Right",
Mister Roy Head!!!

Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Extra! Nearly Hip Playlist on CJ's Radio Olio!!

Unit rotation is what armies do to move fresh troops into an area. CJ's Radio Olio adds tracks and sends a fresh playlist into your ears.
Which artistes are newly added? Annuals - Artisian - Barbra Streisand - Beirut - Cheese on Bread - Delia Derbyshire - Dion - Griffin and the True Believers - Heartless Bastards - Inner Surge - New Cassettes - Organ Failure - Out of Clouds - Panic! at the Disco - Patrice Pike - Richard Laviolette - Slow Hand Motem - Strap-On Tools - Tamsen and Elliot - The Lemonheads - The Petty Bones - The Postmarks - The Sweethearts - Thunderbirds are Now! - Tom Waits - and White Demons. A lotta newer stuff and some old Faves too.
Until next time, enjoy The Olio's eclectic'll never hear anything else like it!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio's Top 25 for September

Ahhh...the seasons are changing, All Hallow's Eve is coming, and (of course) the Top 25 for September is up at CJ's Radio Olio! As always, the Top 25 are the top 25 tracks (plus ties, so there are 29 this month) as rated by Listeners to CJ's Radio Olio over the past 30 days.
This month's group includes a lot of older tracks (earliest is from 1905!), with a large bunch from the 20's & 30's, along with spoken word pieces from the 60's through the 90's. Now, I KNOW y'all like newer stuff too, and I've been adding more & more tracks from bands on MySpace. So let's not forget about all the great sounds of today!
Thanks once again to all the Listeners who rated tracks: this is your list. Till next time,
Love and Peace,

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Sounds of Freeform Goodness on CJ's Radio Olio

There's a new playlist in town...and CJ's Radio Olio has it! Yep Pilgrim, of all the webcasts in all the sites in all the world, some cool music had to walk into mine. Opps...mixed movie quotes...
So who are the Artistes added to The Olio this time? Well, how about: Al Green and Lyle Lovett - Big Joe Williams - Blind Blake - Cows - Elaine Stritch - George Gershwin - Halo of Flies - Julie Andrews - Leo Kottke - Lou Reed - Rod Stewart - Roddy McDowell - Scott Walker - Sergei Rachmaninov and Fritz Kreisler - The Futureheads - The Rolling Stones - The Vals - Today is the Day - Tommy McClennan - Van Morrison - and Widescreen Mode. Quality sounds all.
One sad thing to note, the Becky Juro Podcast will no longer be on The Olio. It is simply a matter of not enough server space & not enough money to expand the amount of server space. To hear and/or subscribe to Becky's wonderful podcast, go to her show's homepage: I'll keep subscribing & you should too!
Till next post,
Love & Peace, Clarence

In Memorium

Ann Richards 1933-2006
We'll miss you, but we'll carry you with us forever.
Molly Ivans remembers her friend Ann Richards

Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Helping Hurricane Katrina-affected teachers and students

I know...people are getting tired of "Katrina this'n'that". But please read on and see if you can help Gulf Coast schools and teachers. has requests from teachers in this area for donations towards supplies, computers, etc. to help their classes learn. The page is here. You can choose which project(s) to donate towards & see how close they are to the financial goal for each project. You can also see, on the right beside each project, the economic status of the children in that class (percentage of students living below the poverty line - and those are likely pre-Katrina numbers). If you'd rather help folks closer to your home, there are other areas of the country (the 'View All Regions' box on the left) with requests outstanding.
What is unique about this is that these are teacher requests, not school system staffers or politicians. It's grass roots efforts like this that make the Internet so cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, September 2, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio has a new Playlist

T'ings be changin' mon, and CJ's Radio Olio is no different. Time to change to a new playlist! New sounds and stuff for the house!
So who are the Artistes added into this new playlist? Welcome! to American Symphony Orchestra - Aslanian's Armenian Orchestra - Billy Murray - Charlotte MacInnes - DJ Kirill Sergeew - Gladys Knight and The Pips - the Hunter-Ronson Band - Huw Roberts - Jackie DeShannon - John Soninen - Lava-Proof Books - Lee Rosevere - Mott the Hoople - Pussy Galore - Roger McGuinn - Royal Trux - RTX - The IOs - The New Year - The Paper South - The Prestige - Tori Amos - Weird Al Yankovich - William Edward Compton - and With Open Arms. Hear them all and lots more on CJ's Radio Olio, the home of sounds from Tin Pan Alley to My Space bands.
Love and Peace, Clarence.

Friday, September 1, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio Top 25 for August '06

They Said it would never happen again...
They Said it was too much...
They Said...
Hey! Who's They?? Whoever "They" are is wrong! CJ's Radio Olio's Top 25 for August is here! The top 25 tracks (this month 34 due to ties) as rated by the Listeners to The Olio are availible for viewing on the Top 25 page of The Olio's website.
I owe an explaination to you for why the Top 25 is out today, rather than the 22nd of August when it would normally be released. A couple of weeks ago Live365 did a major update of their software & databases to support Unicode, which is allows for much easier use of non-English Language titles & lettering. Since Live365 has Listeners/Webcasters in 150 countries, this was an important upgrade. However, it took over a week to catch up on the Track Ratings because of the changes in so many song titles, artist names, & CD/album names. Since I had to wait for the info anyway, I decided to go ahead & begin taking the Top 25 racks (& ties) from the ratings as of the last day of the month. Therefore, the delay. Hope it didn't make you too antsy for the numbers!
Thanks again for your support & for giving your opinions on the songs & spoken word pieces. Interactivity is cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, August 14, 2006

Da Dolls RULE!!!

Search for New York Dolls on YouTube, and these are the glorious results!: New York Dolls
Besides a couple of lip-syncs (appropriate, no?), there are plenty of live show and live tv performances. Excuse my honesty...If you did not exist in 1973 and 1974, cool: If you did not "get" the New York Dolls in 1973 and 1974, you were/are an IDIOT!! This is Real Rock'n'Roll, the way Zeus and all those Gods meant for it to be! Watch! Listen! Obey!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Big Load o'Music added to CJ's Radio Olio

wOOt! as the first generation of the Internet used to say. CJ's Radio Olio has a BIG playlist update this time around. How big? you ask...well, over one hundred new tracks big! Check out the new playlist posted on The Olio's site!
So who has been added to the gloriously eclectic sounds of The Olio? Here are the guilty artistes: A Passing Feeling - Aesop Rock - Prof. Alex Bradford - Amboy Dukes - Andrey Polupanov - Art Tatum - Artico Blue - Ben Webster (w.Duke Ellington and His Orch.) - Beth Wimmer - Billie and De De Pierce - Bonnie Raitt - BronZe - Bud Powell - Buzz Barker and the Atomic Bums - Camera Obscura - Camper Van Beethoven - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Carl Perkins - Carolina Ladies Quartet - Charley Patton - Chicago Underground Duo - Don Barretto - Donna Summer - Doug Sahm - Driver F - Earl King - Echo and the Bunnymen - Eddie Cantor - the Edison Concert Band - Ethel Waters - Funkadelic - Green Arrows - Gun - Hal Paige and the Whalers - Hourglass - Howlin' Wolf - Jackie Gleason and His Orchestra - Jennifer Holliday - Jerry Jeff Walker and the Lost Gonzo Band - Jerry Lee Lewis - Jim Messina and the Jesters - John Mayall w. Eric Clapton - John Reardon - Jonezetta - Kid Ory - King Oliver - Koshii and Hush - Lil Hardin Armstrong - Little Caesar and the Empire - Little Cow - Lou Rawls - Love - Lydia Mendoza - McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe - MGM Studio Chorus - Mirari - Mission of Burma - Model Morning - Mott the Hoople - Otis Redding - Paul Revere and The Raiders - Pedro the Lion - Percy Faith and His Orchestra - Petula Clark - the Philadelphia Orchestra - Ping - REO Speedwagon - Rosco Gordon - Rose Royce - Ruby and the Romantics - Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers - Serge Rachmaninoff - Sir Douglas Quintet - Slick Owens and Chain Gang - the Swan Silvertones - Taste - T-Bone Walker - The Class of 98 - The Commandos - The Free Design - The Mountain Goats - The Move - The National - The Raconteurs - The Sandpipers - The Swan Lake Six - The Swingers - The Wad - Thelma Houston - Three Aces and a Joker - Vancouver in Reply - Washington Phillips - Willie Colon and Ruben Blades - Yipes! - and the Young Tuxedo Brass Band.
Special thanks to all the bands on My Space who not only turned me on to their own music, but also promoted other bands that they really liked. Y'all Rawk in a serious way! (and check out the CJ's Radio Olio My Space page) And Hooray! for Twin/Tone records out of Minnesota for digitizing Big Hits of Mid-America vol.3. The vinyl 2-album set I bought in 1981 came with two Album 1s and no Album 2s. I've finally heard sides 3 and 4! Ain't the Long Tail a blast??
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, August 11, 2006

Becky Juro's newest on CJ's Radio Olio

Having withdrawals because there was no Becky Juro Show live last night? Well, catch Episode 16 of the Becky Juro Podcast on The Olio! The latest podcast from the top Transgender radio host around is availible on CJ's Radio Olio on this schedule:
Friday August 11 9pm US CDT
Saturday August 12 3am
Saturday August 12 9am
Saturday August 12 3pm
(all times -5 UTC)
As always, you can get the feed of Becky's podcast so that you won't miss an episode.
And of course, you'll get to hear the eclectic sounds from Ragtime to Emo availible for your Dining and Dancing pleasure all the time on The Olio. Enjoy yourself! Listen to CJ's Radio Olio.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Yipes! My horrendous bad! The first episode (#14 will start at 10:30pm US CDT (-5 UTC),followed by episode #15. The repeats will air at their announced times.

I gotta have a work schedule sometime that doesn't change 6 times in 7 days...

Love, Peace, anbd Apologies,

More back-to-back Becky Goodness!

Episodes 14 and 15 of the Becky Juro Podcast (with, duh, Becky Juro) will run on CJ's Radio Olio beginning Wednesday night at 9 pm US CDT (-5 UTC). Here's the schedule:
9 pm Wed. Aug.9 Episodes 14 & 15
3 am Thurs. Aug.10 repeat
9 am Thurs. Aug.10 repeat
3 pm Thurs. Aug.10 repeat
If you'd like to download these (or any) episodes of Becky Juro's podcast or would like to get them as they come out via iTunes (or other podcatching software), go to .
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Double Dose of Becky starting Friday!

Fans of the Becky Juro Podcast can hear Two (count 'em!), Two editions this weekend on CJ's Radio Olio! Starting Friday at 9pm US CDT (Saturday at 0200 UTC), episodes 12 and 13 of Becky's podcast will be running back-to-back on The Olio. As always, Becky Juro is interesting, informative, enjoyable, and a powerful voice for Transgender Rights.

Here's the schedule:
Friday 07/28 9pm US CDT [Sat. 0200 UTC]
Saturday 07/29 3am, 9am, and 3pm US CDT [Sat. 0800, 1400, & 2000 UTC]
Monday 07/31 9pm US CDT [Tues. 0200 UTC]
Tuesday 08/01 3am, 9am, and 3pm US CDT [Tues. 0800, 1400, & 2000 UTC]

You can hear Becky's podcast every week on The Olio at these days and times. And, if you cannot listen at those specific times, you can always download her podcasts (or add her feed in your Podcatching client) at
Be one of the ever-growing number of people listening to the Becky Juro Podcast. And (of course) check out the great mix of music and stuff at CJ's Radio Olio, availible 24/7 through
Love & Peace, Clarence

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Olio Top 25 for July is Out!

To quote Casey Stengle, "It's Amazin'!". Of course, I'm talking about the Olio Top 25 for July. Every track in the top 25 had a rating of 10.0 or 9.9! AND, there were 55 tracks with 10.0 or 9.9!!Wow! Y'all must like what's being played. Thanks!
The selection (as usual) encompasses many eras & genres. From Tom Waits, The Last Poets, and The Swingers, to Blind Willie McTell, Roy Orbison, Golden Earring, and Lord Buckley, all made the Top 25. Also, The Mound City Blue Blowers, Buckwheat Zydeco, Bob and Ray, and Kimberly Kyle are there.
All tracks are rated (by Listeners only) between June 28 and July 21. Join in the fun! All you have to do is listen to the Totally Freeform sounds of CJ's Radio Olio, availible through Have a happy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Playlist Reachs CJ's Radio Olio! Listeners Amazed!

I promise: I'll nevernevernevernever get so far behind both at my paying job and at my CJ's Radio Olio job. For my Sins (and for your pleasure), it's a BIG bunch of new tracks for the new Playlist. One hundred and four (over 20 percent of The Olio's total tracks) to be exact!
Here's the Artistes whose music and stuff joined the fray: 1910 Fruitgum Co. - Abigale Haness And B. Miller - Acidhead - Alice Cooper - Alix Olson - Alkaline Trio - Arsenio Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto - Billie Holiday with Louis Armstrong - Bob Roberts - Bobby Baby - Charlie Patton - Dan Fogelberg - David Ruffin - Delmore Brothers - Dizzy Gillespie - Donald Rumsfeld - Driver F - Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Fabyka - Fairport Convention - Fin de Siecle - Gary Cole - Gram Parsons - H.P.Lovecraft - Infernus - Janis Joplin - Jesse Fortune - Joey Ramone - Johnny Cash - Juan Tizol and His Orchestra - Julie Andrews - the Kansas City Seven - Karl and Harty - Kenneth Mars - Kite Flying Society - Koko Taylor - Lauren Bacall - Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music Makers - Lecuona Cuban Boys - Lester Young Quartet - Little Brother Montgomery - Lord Buckley - Louis Armstrong - Marcel Türkowsky - Mario L - Maximiliano Sánchez Con El Conjunto Oriental De Ñico Saquito - McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Meat Loaf - Memphis Jug Band - Mighty Joe Young - My Chemical Romance - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - Natasha Spencer - O.V.Wright - Patsy Montana and the Prairie Ramblers - Paul Johnson - Peter Cook - Petula Clark - Pink Floyd - Plastic Job - Question Mark and the Mysterians - Ready for Vegas - Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers - Ronnie Lane - Ronny and the Daytonas - Ruth Etting - Sam Cooke - Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Sex Pistols - Shirley Jones - Smoke - Syd Barrett - The Amboy Dukes - The Beatnigs - The Deep - The Freak Accident - The Get Up Kids - The Keynoters - The Little Ones - The Mentals - The Original Carter Family - The Others - The Psychedelic Furs - The Raconteurs - The Sims Twins - The Supremes - The Sweethearts - The Thibodeaux Boys - The Tricycle - Three Dog Night - Tim Curry - Timi Yuro - Vernon Dalhart - Victim's Family - Vijaya - and Woody Guthrie. Is that eclectic enough for ya? lol Plus Becky Juro's great podcast for your listening and dining pleasure.
Enjoy the variety and fun on CJ's Radio Olio. Why take music so seriously?
Love & Peace, Clarence

, , ,

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

...hold on to the steel rail...

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, 60, died Friday July 7th, 2006.
BBC News obituary
He was a unique songwriting voice & a special person. I don't know why this has hit me so hard: Syd hasn't recorded in over 30 years, & many years ago I decided that the best thing was not to act like a hunter stalking their prey...let the guy live his life as he chooses, & reporters & fanatics, quit trying to find him! But it hurts like Hell. It hurts.
I'll add back some of his tracks in the next few days...but not right now.

Thank You Syd.

Love & Peace, Clarence

Saturday, July 8, 2006

U.S.Senator Ted Stevens in His Own (bizarre) Words

The page (on my site)linked to here has an mp3 file of United States Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska speaking in The Senate on the subject of Net Neutrality. He's against it, & details his reasons here. Senator Stevens is one of a handful of people who decide which if any Telecommunications Laws are voted on by the United States Congress. This is an amazing presentation.
By the way, if you are the person which Senator Stevens refers to who "downloads a dozen movies at a time",be aware: Big Brother Is Checking Your Bandwidth!
Love & Peace, Clarence

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio Top 25 is (finally!) here

One week late but always worthwhile, it's the June edition of the CJ's Radio Olio Top 25! Yep, based on listener ratings for tracks on The Olio, this time due to ties there's 35 tracks in the top 25.
This month the range of sounds is particularly broad. There's DooWop, Depression-era folk, eighties Mid-American punk, National Lampoon comedy, a Roy Orbison soda ad, Cajun humor, Big Band, Jazz, Blues, mid-eighties Finnish Hardcore, Bob and Ray, brand new Indie Pop-Rock, and The Kinks. And that's not All!!
Check out the full list at The Olio's Top 25 page. And don't forget to listen to CJ's Radio Olio and vote on the tracks you hear. Thanks for listening!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, June 22, 2006

newest Becky Juro Podcast now on The Olio

If you support rights for ALL Americans, listen to the latest Becky Juro Podcast on CJ's Radio Olio.
If you think you don't count in America, listen to the latest Becky Juro Podcast on CJ's Radio Olio.
If you need a little push to get off the couch & into the World, listen to the latest Becky Juro Podcast on CJ's Radio Olio.
Here's when to listen: the Becky-on-The-Olio schedule.
Love & Peace, Clarence

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Use Pocket PC or Palm devices to listen to The Olio!

You can now use either Pocket PC devices or certain Palm devices to listen to CJ's Radio Olio at WiFi hotspots all over! The details are on The Olio's Listening Assistance page There you'll also find listings of links to mp3 and mp3pro players that stream CJ's Radio Olio (and those OTHER Live365 stations) on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine, along with other tips for listening success. Check it out!
Love & Peace, Clarence

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Home Design for CJ's Radio Olio

There's a new design for the CJ's Radio Olio site. A huge thanks to Open Source Web Design, and to Designer Dimiter Petrov for creating the 'Ordered Boxes' template & making it availible from OSWD for free. It's a lot cleaner code (so it should load into your browser faster) & easier to read.
There's also been some updates of the pages. All of this was done to make it easier for you, the listeners, to find the info you need. And, even though it's Yahoo!Geocities, there are NO popup ads on the site. Promise.
And remember, The Becky Juro Podcast is now on CJ's Radio Olio eight times a week. Listen to Becky's views and to The Olio's mixture of 100 years of Music from Vaudeville to Shoegazer for enjoyment, stimulation, and variety. Truly this is Extreme Freeform Radio!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Becky Juro Podcast added to the CJ's Radio Olio lineup

CJ's Radio Olio is proud to announce the addition of "The Becky Juro Podcast" to it's webcasting schedule. Becky Juro is host of the "Becky Juro Show", webcast Live Thursday nights from 6pm-9pm US Central time on QMO and rebroadcast during the week on TransFM . The podcast is a less structured program than the live show: just Becky and a microphone, talking about life, career, philosophical, and political issues. Becky's perspectives as a Transgender female are unique, savy, intelligent, and sometimes surprising. Becky's humor and joy in communicating make "The Becky Juro Podcast" an entertaining hour each week.

"The Becky Juro Podcast" will run on CJ's Radio Olio scheduled to allow people worldwide to listen, even those without a '9 to 5' lifestyle. It will air (all times US Central Daylight Time/GMT -05:00) Fridays at 9pm, Saturdays at 3am, 9am, and 3pm, Mondays at 9pm, and Tuesdays at 3am, 9am, and 3pm. And, of course it will still be availible as a weekly podcast at, as well as through the iTunes Music Store.

Rebecca Juro is an internet radio veteran and host of both the "Becky Juro Show" and "The Becky Juro Podcast". Becky was born male, and made the decision to live as a female. Becky's a Transgender activist, a retail employee, a resident of New Jersey, and a tall person.

CJ's Radio Olio is streamed through . The Olio is an eclectic, freeform mix of music and sound across all genres and ranging from 100 years ago to last week's Indie releases. It was begun over four years ago by Bit-Jockey-in-Chief Clarence Jones.

Thanks Becky!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Twenty-Five years ago this week, the US Centers for Disease Control announced the deaths of two young men. This was the first public acknowledgement by the U.S.Government that (what would later be named) AIDS was here.

530,000 Americans have died of AIDS.
Over 20,000,000 people worldwide have died of AIDS.
There is no cure.
There is treatment for some.
Help victims, families, and friends.
Help raise money for research.
Help educate.

To my friends, acquaintances, and all those whom I never got to meet,
To their Families and Friends,
My heart is with you always.

Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blow the carburetor dung out of your Mind, Body, and Soul by listening to the new playlist on CJ's Radio Olio. The sounds you hear there will cure yer ills!
Aiding in the healing process are newly-added tracks by: Asobi Seksu - Belle Baker - Bessie Smith w/James P. Johnson - Casino Royal - Cousin Jody - Enrico Caruso - Illinois Jacquet - John Wilkes Booth (the band, not the assasin) - Juana Molina - Khonnor - Les Paul and His Trio - Louis Prima - Lukas Nystrand and Karl Johansson - Marianne Faithful - Maureen Tucker - Mound City Blue Blowers - My Bloody Valentine - Octis - Ogden Nash - Orquestra de La Familia Ramos - Orthrelm - Pedro Martinez and Lupe Rocha - Pony Up! - Russell Jacquet - Symphonic Stereo - and Tryad.
Put that manure out on the plants, not in your brain! Listen to CJ's Radio Olio and grow!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hey Brothers and Sisters...time for something that means nothing, but means Everything...the Olio Top 25! Yep, as rated by You the Listeners, it's the top twenty-five (with ties, thirty) tracks for the past 30 days on CJ's Radio Olio. As always, the chart is availible here:
What can be said about this month's bunch? They range from the early '20s to last year; Blues to EuroPop to Both Kinds of music! (Country AND Western!). In other words, typically eclectic sounds for a classy audience. ;-)
Check out CJ's Radio Olio's Top 25 here (, and check out the Real.Extreme.Freeform. sound of the Olio here: ( MMmmmmmmm...Tasty.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Monday, April 24, 2006

Whether you're bouncing into Spring or tripping into Fall, the new playlist at CJ's Radio Olio is your soundtrack! You'll hear Rap, Punk, Tin Pan Alley, Indie Pop, Blues, Neo-Garage(?!?), Folk Songs, Classic Rock, Ragtime, and more...and that's just the new tracks!
Btw, Artistes who were added this update are: Aleksander Iwanowski - Aquarius Void - Bad Religion - Blind Willie McTell - Busdriver - Catz in the Hatz - Circle Jerks - Deerhoof - East River Pipe - Harry Anthony - Jugoslavensko Tamburasko Drustvo - Kathy McCarty - Koordinate of Wonders - Marie Rappold - Marykate O'Neil - Minutemen - Oppenheimer - Reigning Sound - Robin Trower - Sandra Black - Saturday - Shimura Curves - Son House - Spiral Beach - Stereo Total - The Dirtbombs - and The Residents. No matter if you hear it through headphones or home theatre systems, CJ's Radio Olio has sounds for You.
And don't forget to check out the new Top25 as chosen by you, The Olio's listeners, by clicking these words.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Approximately on time, it's the CJ's Radio Olio Top 25 for April 2006! Yes the Real.Extreme.Freeform. tracks as rated by listeners to The Olio from the period March 21 to April 22, 2006.
Two tracks return from last months chart. Listeners liked the Latin, Ska, Country, Hard Rock, Delta Blues, Rap, Indie Pop, Classic Soul, Movie Musical, Jump Blues, Jazz, Electronica, & Folk Rock genres (tracks in each got high ratings), and the top 5 came from Post-Rock/Experimental, Big Band Jazz, Tin Pan Alley, Easy Listening Instrumentals, and Yiddish versions of Broadway tunes. Guess you could say it's eclectic on The Olio...check it out yourself and see.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, April 17, 2006

Want some Stoner Rock,20's and 30's Blues, or recent Indie? How about a little Punk and a splash of Broadway? Check out the new playlist at CJ's Radio Olio for that and much more.
Who's been added to the Olio's Extreme Freeform sounds? Glad you asked! The Artistes added are: Anti-Flag - Atomic Number 76 - Audiogarde - Black Mountain Creeper - Bumble Bee Slim - Dev/Null - Doormouse - Drumcorps - El Trio Cubano - Guillemots - Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Orbach - Joseph Spence - Josh Rouse - Judy Garland - Kelly Stoltz - the Lakeside, GA High School Marching Band - Lord Sitar - Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough - Mantis - Michael Murphey - Modey Lemon - Nat King Cole Trio -OhNo! Oh My! - Otto Pyykkonen - Petra Haden - Pipedown - Psilocybride - Svenghali - The Daisies - The Voids - Thunderbirds are Now! - Tommy Keane - Virus Nine - and Winston Holmes and Charlie Turner.
You'll find the same variety 24/7 at CJ's Radio Olio, availible through Try it: You'll like it!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, April 1, 2006

What do you think about the income tax? What do you think about the carpet tax? What do you think about when you go to bed at night, you Beast you?!? I bet you think about listening to the new playlist on CJ's Radio Olio.
Talk about Eclectic! (I think I will) How about this list of Artistes added to the Olio: Alix Combelle and his Orchestra - Benny Goodman Quintet - Blind Boys of Alabama - Clarence Williams - David Grahame - Dirty Looks - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Enrico Caruso - Everly Brothers - Extreme Noise Terror - Gerry and the Pacemakers - Gladys Knight and the Pips - His Name is Alive - Homer and Jethro - Husker Du - Larry Wallis - Louis Prima - Margaret Leng Tan - Melting Euphoria - Mezz Mezzrow - Mogwai - Mudhoney - Nazz - Pinebox Serenade - Procol Harem - Rachel Sweet - Ramones - Sun Ra - The 13th Power - The Ark - The Cure - The Hollies - The Olivia Tremor Control - The Rolling Stones - Tindersticks - TV Slim - the U.S.Marine Band - Wayne Shorter - and Wellwater Conspiracy.
Hope that you are sold on the Olio as your home for Real.Extreme.Freeform. music and stuff. Hey BidderBidderBidder...
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey Kids! Know what time it is? Yep, it's time for this month's CJ's Radio Olio Top 25. That's the top 25 tracks (26 this month due to ties) as rated by You, the Listeners to the Olio. Here's where you can find it: The Olio Top 25.
This time around there's only one repeater from last month (Skillet Lickers), and a few new tracks (including Duke Ellington and His Orchestra, The Du-Droppers, and Harry Nilsson). There's the usual wide range of Extreme Freeform glory: from Mississippi Sarah & Daddy Stovepipe to Chuck D, and from Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge (acapella) to Hoyt Curtin and his Orchestra with the theme to 'The Jetsons', you show an enjoyment and appreciation for the variety of CJ's Radio Olio.
Remember, all you have to do to participate is to listen to the Olio and rate the tracks as you hear them. I do not rate Anything. You determine the Top 25 every thirty days. So Thanks! for listening to Real.Extreme.Freeform. on CJ's Radio Olio.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, March 10, 2006

Before the day gets away from me completely...
Happy 80th Birthday Dad!!
Happy 60th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!
(aren't they the cutest couple...)
Love & Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio is going Mainstream...naaaahh. Although you may recognize more names than usual, the new playlist on the Olio is still packed with surprises and plenty of "Wow! Who was that?" moments.
And what Artistes have been added to the great selection of music and stuff this time, you might ask. Well, how about Badfinger - Belle and Sebastian - Benny Goodman Quintet - Cagey House - Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Delbert McClinton - Dolly Parton - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Elodie - Elvis Presley - Extreme Noise Terror - Frank Sinatra - Grand Funk Railroad - Harry Nilsson - His Name is Alive - Jack Jackson and his Orchestra - James Wayne - Joni Mitchell - Laura Nyro - Lena Horne and Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra - Leon Chappel - Louis Prima and His Orchestra - Maki - Marcia Ball - Marie Rappold - Martin Luther Lennon - Michael Nesmith - Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies - Mogwai - Peggy Lee with Les Paul - Prairie Ramblers with Patsy Montana - Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers - Radiohead - Roy Newman and His Boys - Temple City - The Apparitions - The Du-Droppers - The Jesters - The Monkees - The Only Ones - The Posies - The Velvet Underground - Todd Rundgren - Tommy Rhodes and J.D.Allen - Tweaker - and Wonderboy.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Real Life: Obscene to be reminded of, but a necessary evil. However, once again Good has beaten back Evil, and a new playlist weaves it's spell at CJ's Radio Olio. Delays caused by the analogue lifestyle...begone!
The Fine Artistes added for your listening pleasure are: Arctic Monkeys - Badfinger - Bernadette Peters - Cagey House - Chris Rock - Clarence Garlow - Cootie Williams and His Orchestra - Fats Domino - Flanders and Swann - George Harrison - Harry James and His Orchestra - Hawthorn Heights - Hector Pellerin - Hoagy Carmichael - I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Jelly Roll Morton - Jo Stafford with the Paul Weston Band - John Cale - Justin Wilson - Le Tigre - Little Man Tate - Mojave 3 - Moondog - Nichols and May - Pretty Things - Red House Painters - rvaggelen - Shy Guys - Sister Rosetta Tharp - Steve Martin - Stina Nordenstam - The Beatles - The Five Crowns - The Only Ones - and Woody Herman and His Orchestra. Keep listening, keep 'em flyin', and keep on trucking to CJ's Radio Olio, streaming it's little heart out through
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quality comes to the fore every four years. First it was Curling, now it's CJ's Radio Olio's Top Twenty-Five! Yes it's the top 25 tracks (35 this month with ties) as rated by the Listeners of CJ's Radio Olio over the past 30 days.
If anyone had a question why the Olio is an Extreme. Freeform webcast, this month's track ratings answer that query. The Top 25 contains two songs each by Blind Alfred Reed and The Skillet-Lickers from the 20's, along with Montrose, Steve Earle, The Stooges, The Go! Team, Jesper Fries, and Terence Trent D'Arby. Now THAT'S Variety!
Check out the newest Top Twenty-Five at Remember: Your vote counts at the Olio. So listen to CJ's Radio Olio through Live365, and be part of next month's top 25.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, February 3, 2006

It's the beginning of Year Five on CJ's Radio Olio! Let Joy be unbounded! Especially if Joy is a good bounder.
The new Artistes you'll hear in the Olio's new playlist are: 30 Foot Fall - Alquimia - Blind Alfred Reed - Bllix - Cecilia+- - Bessie Smith - Clara Smith - David Garza and The Lovebeads - Dichroic Mirror - Ezra Charles and the Works - Kansas City Kitty and Georgia Tom - Loose Diamonds - Maieutic - Refuse to Fall - Roosevelt Sykes - Sad Pygmy - the Skillet-Lickers - State of Mind - The Go! Team - The Wannabes - and Young MC w/Rubberneck. Plus, a bunch of new station I.D.s!
Enjoy the variety, quality, and any other kind of -ty you like, by listening to CJ's Radio Olio right now! Go on...I'll wait...
Love & Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

February 1st, 2002:
CJ's Radio Olio begins streaming an odd collection of Music, Comedy, and Stuff over Live365.

February 1st, 2006:
Happy Fourth Anniversary to ME!! :lol: the Olio! Now streaming in MP3Pro quality (for both Broadband & Dial-up listeners), Real.Extreme.Freeform. has become a mantra to me. There've been ups & downs, but I wouldn't trade a second of it for the World.
Thank You to all the Listeners who have checked out the Olio over the years! Thanks to all the great folks at Live365 who work so hard to keep the streams a-streamin'! And Thanks to the Great Community of Live365 Webcasters who have helped me along the way to the point that I'm suffering from Delusions of Adequacy.
As Year Five of CJ's Radio Olio begins, I gotta say it:
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, January 23, 2006

Hey Hey, Friends and Neighbors! Time to unveil the newest edition of CJ's Radio Olio's Top Twenty Five! That's the top 25 tracks (with ties, 26) as voted by You, the Listeners over the past 30 days. You can check them out here.
This month's list has several repeaters from last month, and fewer than usual new tracks. And, as always, you've selected a bunch o' stuff that I like too! But, to repeat, I do not rate tracks on the station. These listings are strictly the wishes of you who listen and vote. So keep listening, and keep rating the tracks you hear!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In celebration of his birth, I've added two complete speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: The March on Washington 1963 ("I Have a Dream") and his final speech during the Memphis Garbage Workers Strike, April 3, 1968 ("I've Been to the Mountaintop"). May we all realize the Blessings he brought to us & find the untaken Path to the Promised Land.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Want chisled abs? Lose those love handles? Pump those pecs? Well...sit back and think about all that hard work while listening to the new playlist on CJ's Radio Olio. You are guaranteed to find this musical workout low in perspiration but high in enjoyment.
The latest Artistes exercising your ears are: Alma Gluck - Autechre - Black Dynamite - Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys - Bobby Fuller Four - Detroit Cobras - Five Blind Boys of Alabama - Hank Penny - Hartman's Heartbreakers - Inflammable Dan - James Brown - Joe Cocker - Peter Tork - Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Monkees - The Nines - The Statesmen Quartet - Three Souls in My Mind - Van Morrison - and Wagon Christ.
So get in shape by exercising your good taste and listening to CJ's Radio Olio! Results never vary: A Good Time is had by all.
Love and Peace, Clarence