Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's a BIG Playlist at OlioRadio

A new playlist? A new playlist on OlioRadio, you ask? Why soitainly!! Freshly expanded, with just a touch of Holiday music, OlioRadio continues it's tradition of uniqueness in Audio.
So which Artists have been added to the mix this time? A bunch!: Ace Johnson - Albert Ammons - Alex Borstein - Allen Brothers - Arthur Smith - Balkan Beat Box - Bar Harbor Society Orchestra - Bea Benedaret - Belleruche - Beyond the Fringe - Bing Crosby - Bob Seger and The Lost Heard - Bob Wills - Candan Erçetin - Chet Adkins and Les Paul - Chris Barrie - Christina Applegate - Clarence Green - Colin Blunstone - Dan Ackroyd - Daws Butler - dfrnt - Dinah Washington - Earls - Figurines - Flip Wilson - Frank Sinatra - Frank Zappa - Gil Scott-Heron - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - G. Love and Special Sauce - Hank Azaria - Henry Thomas - International Novelty Orchestra - I Was A King - James Earl Jones - John Belushi - Johnny Rivers - Johnossi - Jon Pertwee - Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra - June Foray - Kadim Al Sahir - Kimi Djabaté - Larry Fine - Lou Reed - Lucille Ball - Lucille Bliss - The Mamas and The Papas - Mandy Patinkin - Manuela Longoria - Mark Linn-Baker - Marvin Kerry - Mary Tyler Moore - Matthew Broderick - Mel Blanc - Musica Antiqua New York - Pascal Comelade - Paul Frees - Peter Case - Philip Glass - Quantic and His Combo Barbaro - Raul Julia - Raymond Burr - Robin James - Sherwood - the Skyliners - Sun Ra - Syd Barrett - The Bamboos f.Alice Russell - The Beatles - The Buckinghams - The Chords - The Clash - The Dutchess and The Duke - The Grassroots - The Guess Who - The MC5 - The Orioles - The Regents - The Residents - The Solitaires - The Thyme - The Tornados - Thomas Natschinski & Seine Gruppe - Tom Baker - Tower of Power - Van and Schenck - Wilford Jerome Fisher and Ruthie May Farr - Wildbirds and Peacedrums - and Woody Allen; with Holiday offerings by B.B.King - Bob Dylan - Brenda Lee - Charles Brown - Chuck Berry - Darlene Love - The Drifters - Elvis Presley - Firestone Orchestra and Chorus - Four Imperials - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Golden Gate Quartet - Jethro Tull - John Lennon - King Curtis - the Kirov Orchestra - London Brass - Lou Rawls - Louis Armstrong w.the Benny Carter Orchestra - Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang - Michael Doucet - Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Polyphony - Pretenders - Ralph Stanley - Ray Charles - Robert Downey, Jr. - Stevie Wonder - Temptations - Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Academy of St.Martin in the Fields Orchestra and Chorus - The Ambrosian Singers - The Bird and The Bee - The Hammered Music Duo - The Kingston Trio - The Lennon Sisters - and the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Whew! Whotta lotta Good Stuff!
As always, the playlist (listed alphabetically by Artist name) is availible at OlioRadio's home-on-the-web, Keep listening!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, October 5, 2009

a new OlioRadio playlist already?!? YES!

Quick note on a new playlist on OlioRadio. I added a lot of fresh quotes, along with some cool new and old Music.Artistes whose tracks have been added this time: Barbara Pepper and Hank Patterson - Bela Lugosi - David Lindley and Ry Cooder - DePedro - Dinah Shore (live) - Don LaFontaine - Fred McMurray - Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman - Gracie Allen and George Burns - Humphrey Bogart and Dooley Wilson - James Cagney, Ruby Keeler, and Orchestra and Chorus - Jim James (from George Harrison tribute) - Joachim Murphey with Dick James - Johnny Puleo and His Harmonica Gang - Karl Malden - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz - Mel Blanc - Paul Winchell - Phileas - Red Fang - Roger Bart - Ross Rhythm Rascals - Sean Buckley and The Breadcrumbs - Texas Jim Lewis - The Association - The Black Crowes (from the new cd!) - The Favorite Sons - The Pretty Things - The Shondells - Unknown Robot - Vivian Leigh - and Zero Mostel. Check it out at Thx!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, September 21, 2009

Petrolium Products = New OlioRadio Sounds

OlioRadio has a new playlist spinning...well, the playlist isn't spinning; but the ones and zeros are! There's tracks from all eras and all genres. New Pearl Jam, new old Neil Young, new old Beatles, a chunk of 80s, and a bunch o'vinyl provides a mixture of musical flavors sure to satiate your palate.
And what flavorful Artistes added to the OlioRadio stew! Here's the list! ((v) means transferred from vinyl): Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - Arthur Pryor's Band - Bad Company - Berlin Symphony Orchestra - Brown Recluse - Charles Mingus - Chris Kelly - Cliff Edwards(v) - David Johansen and Robin Johnson(v) - Depression - Electric Deads - Ernie Kovacs(v) - Fleetwood Mac(v) - Fred Allen and Tallulah Bankhead(v) - Fred Neil(v) - Gary Myrick and The Figures(v) - Harry James and His Orchestra - Holly and The Italians(v) - Jack Leonard w/Ray Bloch and his Orch. - Joe South(v) - John Lennon - Johnny Marvin - Larry Green and his Orchestra - Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra - Les 5 Gentlemen - Lou Reed and Peter Gabriel - Mad River - Moral Demolition - Mott the Hoople - Neil Young - Papa Charlie Jackson - Peter, Paul, and Mary - Prince's Orchestra - Rachel Sweet(v) - Sergei Rachmaninoff - the Skyliners - Stereo Total - Steve Miller Band(v) - Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble - Ted Lewis and His Band - The Beatles - The Four Vagabonds - The Gants - The Ohio Express - The Pretty Things(v) [from Freeway Madness lp] - The Psychedelic Furs(v) - The Robins - The Simpsons - The Third Bardo - The Three Keys - The Yo-Yo's - Tiny Parham and His Musicians - Tommy Tutone(v) - Van Morrison - and the Zagreb Soloists.
As always, you can catch me in and out on Twitter (@clarencejones). Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Martin and Lewis forever!

The Incredible Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in 1952 or 53:

...and this was at the End of a one hour live show :-D
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Webcaster group sues over constitutionality of Copyright Royalty Determinations

Live365 files Federal Lawsuit over constitutionality of U.S.Copyright Royalty Board: Article on FMQB site
I am proud to be one of thousands of Webcasters at I support Live365's brave stand, when it would have been simpler to keep paying millions of dollars to a questionable system that has never been properly audited. The suit does Not question the idea of Copyright (also known as Performance) Royalties, only the make up of the Board and the procedures followed in determining the amount of Royalties.
It will get interesting...
Love and Peace, Clarence Jones, Owner/Operator OlioRadio
Webcaster with since Feb.2002

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OlioRadio Update- August 12,2009

Un autre playlist on OlioRadio! Over 50 tracks added to the widest variety of sounds on Earth, ranging from just-released mp3s to actual vinyl recordings (You see Kids, once your Grandpa & Grandma listened to music that wasn't 1s & 0s...). Btw, big ups to Audio-Technica, Amazon, & too much credit for the USB turntable I now own. ;-)
"Tell us which Artistes you added to the mix, Daddy!!" - OK, Sport! Here they are: Africando - Announcer (very prolific person) - Artists United Against Apartheid - Beethoven 4 - Bembeya Jazz National - Big Star Live from 1974!) - Bono and Keith Richard - Bonzo Dog Band - Boris Badenough - Del Shannon (Live in UK!) - Dion (Live in NYC!) - Djelimady Tounkara - Don Wilson - Ed Young and Lonnie Young - Elvis Costello and The Attractions (Live at Hollywood High!) - From Bubblegum to Sky - Goran Karan - H.P.Lovecraft - Hearts and Flowers - Kinski - Lost Generation - Low - Miles Pratcher and Bob Pratcher - the Originals - Os Mutantes - Patsy Cline (Live in 1961!) - Pine*Am - Postolar Tripper - Ray Charles - Rev. Crenshaw & New Brown's Chapel Congregation - Scruffy the Cat - Spirit - The American Breed - The Beatles (The Walrus was Paul) - The Bird and The Bee - The Dead Weather (Jack White's latest manifestation) - The Dishes (r.i.p. K101) - The Intelligence - The Jim Carroll Band (not Live!) - The Odds - The Only Ones - Utopia - Wallpaper - Winston Churchill - and X-Ray Spex.
With music from all over the world and all throughout the ages (well...the last 100+ years anyways), OlioRadio continues the fight against Same Old Radio. Listen through your computer, or go mobile & agile with one of the phone apps from Live365! Check 'em out at . OlioRadio: over Seven Years of broadcasting Music via the Internet.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, July 13, 2009

OlioRadio July Update

There's no possible way out of it: A new Playlist is flowin' at OlioRadio. Added to the widest variety of sounds on Earth are a bunch o' juke joint jukebox faves, along with chanters and even Young Lou Reed.
And here's the specific Artistes joining the OlioRadio fun: Arbee Stidham with Lucky Millinder's Orchestra - Art Adams - Basin Street Boys - Bibio - Bobby Jonz - Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Cat Stevens - Chimera - Choir Oxtote Lurra - Divna and Melodi Choir - Eddie Leon - Elvis Presley - Freddie Waters - Hank Williams - Johnnie Taylor - Johnny Cash - L. Hollis and The Mackadoos - Lee Fields - Marion Black - Marvin Gaye - Meat Puppets (brand new!) - Mel Waiters - Nat King Cole Trio - One eskimO - Orthodox Ensemble - Russell Jacquet - Sam Baker - Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings - Shirley Brown - Sonny Fisher - The J. Geils Band - The Lemonheads - The Nightingales of Poznan - The Ryministics - The Steelers - The Velvet Underground - and Tommy Richardson.
If you want variety from your smartphone, check out for info on listening to Live365 on an iPhone, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry. Carry OlioRadio all over: show your good taste! :-)
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"United (Airlines) Breaks Guitars"

Absolutely brilliant! Shame on you, United Airlines! Thx to Dan York for his original post about this.

Love & Peace (to Guitars), Clarence

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Artistes, New Playlist at OlioRadio

It's Summer (in a few hours)! What better way to celebrate extremely uncomfortable conditions weather-wise than by keeping your Internet Radio tuned to OlioRadio, home of the Widest Variety of sounds on Earth. Whether you are cold, hot, dry, or wet, OlioRadio will have recordings to kiss your boo-boo and make it feel, right.

And here's the boo-boo-kissin' Artistes added on the new playlist: Albennie Jones with Sam Price & His Trio - Amos Milburn - Annisteen Allen - Barbra Streisand - Black Flag - Bobby Darin - Christopher Walken - Clint Eastwood - Cream (commercial) - the Dearly Beloved - Don Addams - Dusty Springfield - Elijah and the Ebonites - Fanny (commercial) - Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart (non-commercial) - George Vinton Graham - Husker Du - Jefferson Airplane (commercial) - John Selleck - Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, and Durr - the Magnetic Fields - Morey Amsterdam - Mrs. Byron Coffin, Sr. - Mrs. Francisco Etcheverry and Matias Etcheverry - Paint It Black - Personics - Rick Springfield - Sex Pistols (commercial?) - Sonny James - Sydney Greenstreet - The Devonaires - The Dirty Mac - The Doors - Wild Bill Moore - and Wynonie Harris. All in one place? You Bet!! Together nowhere else but OlioRadio.

Btw, the Live365 iPhone app (which you could use to listen to OlioRadio...oh, & 6,000 other stations) was broken by the 3.0 update. The new Live365 app is waiting en queue in Apple's Byzantine approval process. However, if you have phones running Windows Mobile v. 5 or v. 6, some models of Blackberry, or a notebook, you can listen right now! Or, you can join me in kickin' it Old Skool & listening to OlioRadio over a non-mobile desktop computer...a Very non-mobile computer. And don't forget: updates & odds & ends always availible via Twitter @clarencejones.
Love and Peace, Clarence

ps: I will poat the full new playlist on the OlioRadio Playlist page...when I can get a spreadsheet program working...I like Win 7RC...I like Win 7RC...grrrrrrr...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 Passes

The Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009 has been passed by both the U.S.House & U.S.Senate, & is now awaiting Pres. Obama's signature. (link:Webcaster Settlement Act passes
When it is signed into law, there will be an additional 30 days for any webcaster groups who have Not reached agreement with Sound Exchange for a royalty structure (through either 2010, or it can be extended as far as 2015) for the Copyright (or Performance) Royalties. The groups with no specific agreements include: interactive streamers (Pandora), pure Webcasters (no over-the-air component), aggregaters (Live365, representing the vast majority of it's customers, who have Personal Webcaster packages.), religious broadcasters (those not privy to the agreement between SX & NAB), and others.
Lord, I don't ask for a lot, but PLEASE get us an agreement that gives Live365 (the service used for the past 7+ years by OlioRadio & thousands of other Webcasters) a fighting chance not only to survive but to grow. Without a specific agreement, we're trapped under the CRB decision of 2007, for ridiculously high rates through 2010, and the process has begun for those same fine folks to stick it to us for the period 2011-2015...opps, I mean for the CRB to come up with a fair and equitable decision for the 2011-2015 time period.

No matter your Religion (or lack of it), let us pray...
Love and Peace, Clarence
Owner-Operator of OlioRadio

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Music to Hear in New Ways on OlioRadio

You finally have a Mega-size update to OlioRadio! Now, with a playlist of over 800 recordings, you'd have to listen for over 40 hours straight to hear a repeat. And OlioRadio has the most variety of eras and genres of ANY station on Earth. Fact.

So, what have ya got that's new? These Artistes were added:
Albert Brooks - Allan Sherman - Ann Hathaway w/ Ellis Larkins and His Orch. - the Beach Boys - Bettye Lavette - Bill Robinson - Black Mountain - Blind Willie McTell - Bobby Leecan and His Need More Band - Bon Iver - Brenda Lee and Clarence Clemons - Bruce Reitherman - Camera Obscura (new cd!) - Dave Christie - David Bowie - Death Cab for Cutie - Derek and The Dominos - Dolly Rocker Movement - the Edison Minstrels - Edward L. Crain - Enrico Caruso - Foghorn Leghorn - Grayson and Whitter - Green Day (new cd!) - the I Married Joan Singers - Iggy Pop - Iron Maiden - Jason Lytle - Kansas City Seven - Lead Belly - Lester Young Quartet - Lou Rawls - Louie Blue - Louis Prima and Phil Harris - Martin Mull - Mavis Staples - Murray K. Hill - Nancy Sinatra - Nazareth - Neko Case - Peter Wheat and the Breadmen - Ramona Davies - Randy Newman - Red Animal War - Robert Klein - Rusty and Doug Kershaw - Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers - Snagglepuss - Steve Earle (new cd!) - The Asylum Choir - The Marx Brothers - The Mustangs - The Who - Theodore Roosevelt (no cd...wax cylinder!) - Tweedy Brothers - the Végh Quartet - Viking Skull - Viva Voce - William Moriarty - and Women (a band, not the Gender).
And, if you have an iPhone, some models of Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone, you can listen to OlioRadio (or those other 6,000+ stations on Live365) on the Live365 Mobile app! Download the app for your flavor of phone, and get a 5 day free trial of all Live365 stations. Due to high Copyright Royalty expenses, after 5 days you must become a Live365 VIP subscriber to get full use of the app (ads cannot begin to cover costs). Live365 VIP members hear No Ads, and right now if you sign up for 3 months you get half off (paying only $11.93) plus a promo code worth $10 at Amazon MP3! Go to for more info.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Committee of the U.S. House Lies to Our Faces

Watched the archived Webcast of today's House Judiciary Committee markup session. It was almost all about the Performance Rights Act (making am/fm stations pay copyright royalties for over-the-air music). They now have the text of HR 2344 (the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009) online. It's tiny. The bill (HR2344) simply extends the deadline for agreements between SX & webcasters not covered under existing agreements to 30 days after the bill becomes law...

In other words, it's a last chance for Live365, Pandora, & other webcasters to get SX to modify the Copyright Royalty Rates ordered to by the Copyright Royalty Board through 2010, & to make agreements to extend out as far as 2015...

In other words, the Judiciary Committee of the U.S.House doesn't care about small, medium, or large Internet Webcasters. It's a bone thrown to us to decieve us into thinking these "Representatives" care. They don't (except for Zoe Lofgren, who is fighting a brave fight for us). This committee appears to be made up of a lot of 'Flashing 12:00's' who profess "concerns" about webcasters and small broadcasters but believe that "instructing the CRB" to treat everyone fairly is all that's necessary.
Small Terrestrial Broadcasters, Welcome to Our Nightmare. Run while you can, or stand & fight alongside us as we are beaten, but never defeated.

"...and Into the Valley of Death rode the Six Hundred..."

Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, April 20, 2009

Join in Earth Mosaic Day!

Take some pictures on April 22nd and join thousands of other people throughout the world! Earth Day is April 22nd, and the idea is to create a photo-mosaic from images taken that day. All you have to do is:
Take some pictures that day,
Pick one (or more),
Upload it that day on the Earth Mosaic website.
That's all: no cost, no registration, no hassle. And you certainly don't have to be a Pro Photographer (I barely can operate my point-and-click camera). Just take a snap or two on Wednesday April 22nd, and upload one on this site: Join us!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bunches and Bunches of new music on OlioRadio

Extra Extra Extra! BIG update on OlioRadio!
(...and I do mean BIG!)
Actually I added a bunch o'tracks week before last, but I just added a bunch more...which, if my 2 weeks of Calculus I 30 years ago doesn't fail me, means that there are Two bunches o'tracks to announce. And what a collection of Artistes and fresh stuff:
Afro Celt Sound System - Amanda Bloom - Aquaturbia - Areatha Franklin - Artie Shaw and His Orchestra - Bascom Lamar Lunsford - Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - Betty Jo and Johnny Starr - Big Brother and The Holding Company - Blueprint Car Crash - Bruce Springsteen - Buffalo Springfield - Butchie Saunders and Buddies - CBS Staff Announcer - Charles Creath's Jazz-O-Mania - Cheap Trick - Cher - Chico and Groucho Marx - Chuck Berry - Crazy Horse - Dan Virva and The Flying-D-Ramblers - Deer Tick - DMZ - Dropkick Murphys - Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson, and Doc Severinson - Ed Sullivan - Eric Burdon and The Animals - Everly Brothers - Five Satins - Fleetwood Mac - Francoise Hardy - Frenchy's String Band - Gang of Four - Gary Owens and Dick Martin - George Carlin - Gregory Dee and The Avanties - Hollis Champion - House of Heroes - Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra, and Chorus - Human League - Infa Riot - Jack Benny and Jayne Mansfield - Janis Joplin - Jeff Beck - Jethro Tull - Johnny De Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra - Le Roy Tibbs & his Connies Inn Orchestra - Leon Bass - Les Paul and Mary Ford - Linda Tillery - Lisa Loring and Jackie Coogan - Los Olvidados - Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight - Lynn Cowan And His Orchestra - Maserati - Mau Maus - Mellows - Moe, Larry, and Shemp - Mourning Reign - Muddy Waters and The Band - National Lampoon - Navarros - Orquestra Escensia - Otis Rush - Parakeets (for my bro Butch) - Ramones - Ray Strong - R.E.M. - Rokk - Rowdy Roddy Piper - Scarlets - Skoundrelz - Steve Allen - Steve Martin - Sweet Stuff - T-Bone Walker - Tennessee Ernie Ford - The Beatles - The Beautiful Mistake - The Faction - The Fall - The Gladiators - The Rangers - The Whoopie Makers - Tumulto - Union 13 - We vs. Death - Willie Nelson and Asleep at The Wheel - Year of No Light - plus a bunch more new Station IDs.
And if you want my (very) occaisional tweet, I'm clarencejones on Twitter. Real time updates on the exciting parts of my life and OlioRadio doings. Also, scary pictures are availible at
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Tenth: a Special Day

Originally uploaded by claren44
Happy 83rd Birthday to my Dad and Happy 63rd Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! Salute!
(photo from mid-1940s)
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

OlioRadio reaches new levels of Variety in Music

Une autre playlist from your friend and mine, OlioRadio! (rather from me, Clarence, but it is on OlioRadio) The music just keeps getting more diverse than ever, with nearly 700 tracks in this playlist. So it's even harder to say you hate 'em all: if you listen long enough you're bound to hear something you like!
So ok, what Arttistes have been added to this update? A whole lot of 'em!: Actioneers - Alva Starr - the Animals - Atom and His Package - Bill Scott - Bleachbath - Bo Gentry and Ritchie Cordell - Bob and Ray - Bob Seger - Boz Scaggs - Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - Burning Brides - Charles Gray - Cramps - Cream - Culturecide (yayyy!!) - David and Jimmy Ruffin (from Meridian MS) - Desi Arnaz and His Orchestra - Ernie Kovacs - Frequent Friars - George Gershwin - Har Mar Superstar - Harold Gould and Woody Allen - Iggy Pop - Jackie Gleason - Jerry Giddens - Johnny Cash - Julie Andrews - June Foray - Junior Thompson with The Meteors - Katrina and The Waves - King Crimson - Leake County Revelers - Lenola - Louis Prima - Machito - Mandy Patinkin - Michael Martin Murphey - Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - New Riders of The Purple Sage - Pelicans - Penny Singleton - Phil Hartman - R.E.M. - REO Speedwagon - Ricardo Montalban (RIP) - Rod Stewart - Sam and Dave - Scott Walker - Sex Pistols - Sha Weez - Spiders - Supremes (of New Orleans) - Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes - Terence Trent D'Arby - The Beau Brummels - The Graham Walker Sound - The Kinks - The Rolling Stones - The Stooges - Tic Tocs - Tony Randall (not singing) - Toppers - Triangle - Van Halen - Walking Wounded - THE Weather Girls - and Winifred Shaw and Dick Powell. Variety? It's absolutely present!
Please remember: when you're listening, it only takes one little click to rate a track. And (when there are at least 25 tracks ranked above 5 on the 10 point scale) these ratings are posted each month on the Top 25 page on the OlioRadio site ( So give a quick Thumbs Up (or Thumbs Down) to the recordings: it's your personal contribution to OlioRadio and it's Much Appreciated.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, January 30, 2009

OlioRadio Celebrates Seven Years!

Yep, on February 1st, OlioRadio will mark seven years of webcasting. It seems like only yesterday that I started streaming recordings over the Intertubes through[Insert annoying memories of an Elder Geek Here]

To celebrate, I, Clarence Jones (owner-operator and Chief bottle-washer of OlioRadio), promise you a new era of transparency. I've put together a 4 hour (3 hours and 40 minutes for Live365 VIPs - no ads!) special revealing some of MY personal favorite recordings. Finally, I'm giving you a peek at some of my deep-down most-loved tracks, stuff I'd want on a 'desert island', along with a disc-player...and electricity or a large supply of batteries.

I take the plastic wrap off this special show at Midnight tonight (that's 12:00am Feb.1 US CST, 6:00am GMT). But do not despair if you can not listen tonight! The show will run at Midnight, 8am, and 4 pm US CST (6am, 2pm, and 10pm GMT)for the next week (Feb. 1-7)! So grab a taste of what I really love to hear on OlioRadio this week! And Thank You to all of you who have contributed to my station and my life. Y'all are Too Cool!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!! If you are fighting Depression (the personal kind, not the money kind) in yourself or a loved one, you'll understand why I put up a new playlist on Olio0Radio December 22, and only now have managed to post about it. In fact, I've added even more tracks to the playlist earlier this week. This is beginning to look like One of Those Centuries...

On to the good stuff: What's New! Artistes whose works of art are fresh to your ears are:
Al Green (newest release!) - Anne-Sophie Mutter - Aphex Twin - Bill & Ed And The Mountain Music Boys - Blind Blake - Bonnie Tutmarc With Paul Tutmarc & The Wranglers - Boogie Down Productions - Bruce Springsteen (newest release!) - the Buchanan Brothers - Carole King - Charley Patton - Chubby Checker - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young - Dale Wimbrow and his Rubeville Tuners - Dartz! - Dave Bartholomew - Deep Purple - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Eddie Cantor - Edison Military Band - Fireman - Fishbone - Frankie Marvin & his Uke - Hedwig Francillo-Kauffmann - James Brown - James Taylor (newest release!) - James William Hindle - Joan Blondell - John Lennon - Jonathan Coulton - Jose Feliciano - Kelly LeBrock - King Khan & The Shrines - Len Spencer , Billy Murray , Edward Meeker - Leon Askin - Linda Ronstadt with Dolly Parton - Lonnie Johnson and Eddie Lang - Maria Callas - matt pond PA (newest release!) - Megan Morrone and Chris Pirillo - Modern Skirts - My Morning Jacket - N.W.A. - Nat Shilkret & the Victor Orchestra - Neil Young - the New York Dolls - Nicholas Briggs - Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Patrick Norton - Paul Harvey - Pretenders - Ramones - Robert Morse - Robot - Roddy Piper - Rodriguez - Roscoe Holcomb - Santana - Steve Forbert - Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble - Stevie Wonder - The Beatles - The Moog Cookbook - The Shangri-Las - The Streets - The Weather MacHines - Those Darlins - Tim Curry - Tony Bennett (newest release!) - Tower of Power - Townes Van Zandt - U2 - and Wall of Voodoo.

As always, OlioRadio is availible 24/7 here. Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence