Friday, December 31, 2004

In honor of Regis (minus Kelly) hosting New Years Creakin' Eve, here's something we hope you Really like...a new playlist on the olio.
The new tracks a-streaming include stuff from A.C.Newman - Adriana Calcanhotto - Alan Hawkshaw - Camera Obscura - Charlotte Greenwood - Days Away - Deerhoof - Dennis Herrold - DJ BC and the Beastles - Earls - the Germs - Glassjaw - Global Goon - J.E.Mainer's Mountaineers - Joe Bonsall and the Orange Playboys - Joe Hill Louis - Johnny Kidd and the Pirates - Johnny Pearson - Joy Division - Laurie Johnson - Leo Soileau's Rhythm Boys - Lew Williams - Mississippi Sheiks - Modest Mouse - Nouvelle Vague - Peggy Lee - Pony Up! - Rachel Sweet - the Rockers - Roy Orbison - the Smiths - Ted Lewis and His Band - The Astronauts - The Blossoms - The Mad Capsule Markets - The Rebelaires - The Shapes - The Verve - Wipers - and Women of Sodom. Make your new year's resolution now to listen to the olio!

And, I want to thank all of you who have listened to cj's radio olio the past year. It hasn't always been easy and it hasn't always been the way I'd prefer, but we all made it through together. We'll continue to provide each other with support & love in the coming year. And I promise to give you even MORE of the variety you've come to expect from the olio.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, December 18, 2004

It's Christmas Eve NEED a new playlist on the olio! The big update includes these additions: Allman Brothers Band - Art Blakely - Bikeride - Billy Bob Thornton - Blackrodeo - Blossom Sealey and Benny Fields - Bootsy - Burt Reynolds - Butthole Surfers - Cake - Carey Elwes - Christian Slater - Decahedron - Derek and the Dominos - Don Messick - Edison Symphony Orchestra - Eno - Ernest Ranglin - Faultline - Fear - Fleetwood Mac - Future Sounds of London - Gertrude Short - Glenn Miller and the AAF Band - Henry Duncan and McGinty - Humphrey Bogart - Jack Lemmon - Jeff Bridges - Jimi Hendrix Experience - Joe E. Lewis - Johnny Cash - Johnny Depp - Julius Marx - Lena Horne - Leonard Marx - Margaret Dumont - Marked Men - Meat Puppets - Melon Galia, f. Conor Oberst - MoJo JoJo - Monty Python - Mott the Hoople - My Morning Jacket - Nancy Wilson and George Shearing Quintet - Ned Beatty - Noah Wyle and Lily Tomlin - Patricia Hudson - Peter Graves - Peter Lorre - Pink Floyd - Pinky and the Brain - Placebo - Public Image Ltd. - Quarteto Novo - Queen - Reigning Sound - Sharon Gless - Soft Machine - Soundgarden - Speedealer - Spouse - Strother Martin - Sunshine Valley Dance Band - The Bran Flakes - The Front End - The Pattern - The Romantics - The Shaggy Boys - The Thermals - The Vandals - Thompson Twins - Todd Rundgren - Tom Hanks - Unbunny - Warner Baxter - Winona Ryder - Within Y - Xentrix - Yakko Warner - and ZZ Top.
Yikes! That's a lotta new stuff. Listen in to hear it all at cj's radio olio. Be careful out there.
Love and Peace.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

For the next couple of weeks, is making Gift Certificates availible for those who wish to give the gift of Great Radio to their friends. These certificates can also be given to Broadcasters to show appreciation & help pay the bills. :) Here's the info:

1. Visit this link:
2. If you wish to donate to a broadcaster, select "Or select a dollar amount" and indicate how much you wish to
donate in the drop down box.
3. Complete the checkout process. Please be sure to
include the email address of the intended recipiant, for instance oliotalk[at], as this is
Live365 will be able to deliver the certificate to them.

Btw, any & all support to the above e-mail address will result in you being loved beyond words. And, if you have a new car gathering dust, I'll be willing to take that off your hands for free! Just another service of cj's radio olio.
Love & Peace, Clarence

ps: Yeah, I forgot that the Live365 maintenece outage was this evening...or rather, I didn't realize that Saturday got here so fast.

Saturday, December 4, 2004 store within 50 miles has the one toy your child wants: "Tickle-Me-Elmo as Faust". So listen to the one thing you know you'll enjoy...the new playlist at cj's radio olio. Adding to your pleasure: Bettye Swan - Bing Crosby - Charles Brown - Chris Rock - Chuck D - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Eartha Kitt - Elaine Stritch - Ensemble Al-Kindi - Eric Idle and Neil Innes - Firesign Theatre - George Carlin - Giles, Giles, and Fripp - Jaydee Short - Jimmie Rodgers - Judy Garland - Lena Horne - Louis Armstrong - Martha Raye - Oratorio Chorus - Steroid Maximus - The Animals - The Beatles - The Connells - The Magnetic Fields - The Yardbirds - Walking Wounded (live!) - and What Made Milwaukee Famous (the band, not the brew or Jerry Lee). Have a Happy!
Love and Peace, Clarence