Friday, February 25, 2005

I've just updated my Listening page on my website (
It lists players you can listen to Live365 stations with, plus specifics if you are
-running Norton Firewall, Norton Internet Security, or Norton Anti-Spam
-listening on Linux with xmms
-listening with Windows Media Player 10
-listening on mobile devices running the Palm or Tungsten T OS
-running the Firefox browser
-listening on the D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player
-or running Player365.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Howdy Howdy! New sounds a-groovin' on the olio! Added to the fun and merriment are fresh tracks by: Aaron Nudelman - Dionne Warwick - Fritz Kreisler - Incredibad - Jerry Clower - Jimmy and David Ruffin - John Hartford - John Raitt (R.I.P.) - Joe Strummer - Johnny Cash - Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, and the Foggy Mountain Boys - Mandy Patinkin (in Yiddish!) - Pernice Brothers - Petula Clark - Richard Pryor - Sentimentals - Smoosh - Steve Forbert - Steve Miller Band - The Beatles (live) - The Comas - The Ink Spots - The Radio Dept. - The Runaways - The Sons of the Pioneers - The Washingtonians (aka Duke Ellington and His Orchestra) - Troupe - and Waylon Jennings. Plus, a bunch of new station I.D.s.What kind of music does cj's radio olio play? Good stuff! Enjoy!
Love and Peace.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sorry to be so late with the news, but...
cj's radio olio is three years old this month!
Thank you to all you listeners from throughout the world who've sampled the olio over that time. Special thanks to all the members of the Live365 Community of Broadcasters who have helped me in so many ways...I love y'all madly.
Onwards & upwards!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, February 17, 2005

A new NASCAR season begins as a new playlist begins spinning on cj's radio olio! There's plenty of knee-slappin' hits for all the good ol' boys & girls. New tracks by true down-home artistes: Air - Anubian Lights - Bonzai Republic - Bugz in the Attic - Daft Punk - Death from Above - Dick Rich and His Melodeous Monarchs - DJ Pantshead - Elizabeth Johnson - Fiat Lux - Frank Zappa - Ignatus - Jerry's Kids - Kuusumun Profeetta - Kylie Minogue - Les Oisillons Tombes du Nid - Pela - Radiohead - Rob Paravorian - Robert Wyatt - Sonny Sharrock - Sugarcubes and Bjork - SWitchblade Kittens - Temple Temple - The Cocker Spaniels - The Descendents - The FUs - Te High Hatters - The Plastic FanTastics - The Residents - Tony!Toni!Tone! - and Violet Indiana. Give a-listen as these and 500 more artistes trade paint & burn rubber for your pleasure 24/7 on the olio!
Love & Peace.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

R.I.P. Nick Kilroy

(background music - Pouring Water on a Drowning Man /James Carr)

Nick Kilroy started one of the first mp3blogs, gabba/POD. He had the kind of absolute belief in the power of music that made him seem like a friend of mine, despite the fact that we probably never were within several thousand miles of each other and never communicated by mail, email, phone, etc. We communicated by music. His enthusiasm would spark mine. I'd listen to a track he posted at gabba/POD & say, "How'd he know this is just what I wanted to hear?". Or "I hate this, but I see what Nick liked about it.". Nick Kilroy passed on a few days ago.

The miracle of the Internet is people with absolute love of something sharing that love with the world. The sad thing is saying goodbye to one of them. Farewell Nick.

Philip Sherburne (
says all this beautifully.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Good News to announce for those who are annoyed by annoying pop-ups:
no more pop-ups on the olio's Geocities website!
Through a small financial arrangement, (& all other pages on my site) are Ad Free! Nothing to block the upper right of your monitor again. :)

In other olio news, if you use any of these online webblog directories, Feed Burner, Feedster, BlogDigger, Moreover,, Syndic8, My Yahoo!, Blog Rolling, Technorati, PubSub, or BlogStreet, they will now all be notified (via PingOMatic) when the olio blog (Words to Hear Music By @, it's Atom feed (, & it's RSS feed ( are updated. So, within a short time afterwards they will have the latest from cj's radio olio.

Also, you can always join the tribe (The Olio People) at to converse with other olio types. The word about the olio is flyin' out the door & all over the world!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

I can Feel the Love!...and I can feel a new playlist on the olio.
The newly-added artistes are 386DX - Ak-Momo - Al Jolson - Bob Dyan - Bratmobile - Bugs Bunny - Chris Stamey EXPerience - Cliff EDwards - Dead Ghosts - Freezepop - Garzon - Graham Parker and the Rumour - Harry Richman and his Orchestra - Hose - Jim Henry - Joe South - Joy and David - Kathleen Partlow and George Falkenstein - La upe - Le Chevre - Leon's Lone StarCowboys - Les Breastfeeders - Les Calamites - Lowe's Theatre Organ - Marianne Faithfull - Marion Harris - Miss TK and the Revengers - Pere Ubu- Pink Floyd - Puddle of Mudd - Reverend C.H.Savage and Group - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - Smoosh - Stereo Total - The Boo Radleys - The Shins - The Waitresses - Tony!Toni!Tone! - Too $hort - Tracy and the Plastics - Velocity Girl - and Zulema.

To quote the esteemed Don G. O'Vonny,"A cultural landslide to fill your home entertainment center!". Enjoy!
Love and Peace.