Monday, September 18, 2006

New Sounds of Freeform Goodness on CJ's Radio Olio

There's a new playlist in town...and CJ's Radio Olio has it! Yep Pilgrim, of all the webcasts in all the sites in all the world, some cool music had to walk into mine. Opps...mixed movie quotes...
So who are the Artistes added to The Olio this time? Well, how about: Al Green and Lyle Lovett - Big Joe Williams - Blind Blake - Cows - Elaine Stritch - George Gershwin - Halo of Flies - Julie Andrews - Leo Kottke - Lou Reed - Rod Stewart - Roddy McDowell - Scott Walker - Sergei Rachmaninov and Fritz Kreisler - The Futureheads - The Rolling Stones - The Vals - Today is the Day - Tommy McClennan - Van Morrison - and Widescreen Mode. Quality sounds all.
One sad thing to note, the Becky Juro Podcast will no longer be on The Olio. It is simply a matter of not enough server space & not enough money to expand the amount of server space. To hear and/or subscribe to Becky's wonderful podcast, go to her show's homepage: I'll keep subscribing & you should too!
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Love & Peace, Clarence

In Memorium

Ann Richards 1933-2006
We'll miss you, but we'll carry you with us forever.
Molly Ivans remembers her friend Ann Richards

Love & Peace, Clarence

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Helping Hurricane Katrina-affected teachers and students

I know...people are getting tired of "Katrina this'n'that". But please read on and see if you can help Gulf Coast schools and teachers. has requests from teachers in this area for donations towards supplies, computers, etc. to help their classes learn. The page is here. You can choose which project(s) to donate towards & see how close they are to the financial goal for each project. You can also see, on the right beside each project, the economic status of the children in that class (percentage of students living below the poverty line - and those are likely pre-Katrina numbers). If you'd rather help folks closer to your home, there are other areas of the country (the 'View All Regions' box on the left) with requests outstanding.
What is unique about this is that these are teacher requests, not school system staffers or politicians. It's grass roots efforts like this that make the Internet so cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, September 2, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio has a new Playlist

T'ings be changin' mon, and CJ's Radio Olio is no different. Time to change to a new playlist! New sounds and stuff for the house!
So who are the Artistes added into this new playlist? Welcome! to American Symphony Orchestra - Aslanian's Armenian Orchestra - Billy Murray - Charlotte MacInnes - DJ Kirill Sergeew - Gladys Knight and The Pips - the Hunter-Ronson Band - Huw Roberts - Jackie DeShannon - John Soninen - Lava-Proof Books - Lee Rosevere - Mott the Hoople - Pussy Galore - Roger McGuinn - Royal Trux - RTX - The IOs - The New Year - The Paper South - The Prestige - Tori Amos - Weird Al Yankovich - William Edward Compton - and With Open Arms. Hear them all and lots more on CJ's Radio Olio, the home of sounds from Tin Pan Alley to My Space bands.
Love and Peace, Clarence.

Friday, September 1, 2006

CJ's Radio Olio Top 25 for August '06

They Said it would never happen again...
They Said it was too much...
They Said...
Hey! Who's They?? Whoever "They" are is wrong! CJ's Radio Olio's Top 25 for August is here! The top 25 tracks (this month 34 due to ties) as rated by the Listeners to The Olio are availible for viewing on the Top 25 page of The Olio's website.
I owe an explaination to you for why the Top 25 is out today, rather than the 22nd of August when it would normally be released. A couple of weeks ago Live365 did a major update of their software & databases to support Unicode, which is allows for much easier use of non-English Language titles & lettering. Since Live365 has Listeners/Webcasters in 150 countries, this was an important upgrade. However, it took over a week to catch up on the Track Ratings because of the changes in so many song titles, artist names, & CD/album names. Since I had to wait for the info anyway, I decided to go ahead & begin taking the Top 25 racks (& ties) from the ratings as of the last day of the month. Therefore, the delay. Hope it didn't make you too antsy for the numbers!
Thanks again for your support & for giving your opinions on the songs & spoken word pieces. Interactivity is cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence