Monday, September 6, 2010

New Playlist does the talking at OlioRadio

Now that I've gotten these stiff little fingers (the ones attached - not the band) to semi-function, I can let you know that there is a New Playlist runnin' at OlioRadio. And I will...or rather, I am. Now. As we speak. Although we aren't really spe[SHUT UP AND TYPE!!]
Artistes fresh to the Olio are: Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, Christian Bjoerklund, Elphy Ant, Gene Krupa, Jefferson Airplane, Judith Peacock Cummings, Justin Wilson, Kay Kyser and His Orchestra, Steely Dan, The Mynabirds, and Tracey Thorn. As always Something Old- Something New- Something Borrowed- Something Blue- and Something Else! at OlioRadio.
To communicate with moi: Twitter/ @clarencejones; Blog/; and to listen/ . Enjoy Everyone!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, August 16, 2010

Life (for Some) in the US in 1970

"They Bombed in Houston", a powerful audio documentary from early 1971, will be played on OlioRadio starting at 6pm Wednesday August 18th. It was a rarity: a documentary produced by a Commercial radio station (KAUM) about attacks against a non-Commercial radio station(KPFT)  in their same market.

During 1970 & early 1971, a systematic campaign of Harassment,Threats, & Bombings were directed against people in Houston,TX who committed the 'crimes' of:
Growing their hair long,
Believing the Freedom of Religion meant you could choose to believe in an unpopular religion,
Believing that Freedom of Speech meant you could publicly make unpopular statements.
For this, they were verbally & physically harassed, threatened with guns & even a hunting arrow through the front door of a legally-operating business,
& their businesses were fire-bombed & dynamited, including twice a FCC-approved, legally-operating licensed radio station.
This is how it was in many places in the USA during the late-60's to early-70's. It wasn't all Peace & Love & Freedom. It occasionally was War in the USA.

This documentary Includes voices from all sides. It will open your eyes, or remind you of how it was in The Real World, not the paisley haze that popular histories make it out to have been.

"They Bombed in Houston", a 41 minute audio documentary, will be webcast on OlioRadio at these times:
Wednesday August 18th at 6pm USCDT (11pm UTC), and Thursday August 19th through Sunday August 22nd at 2am USCDT (7am UTC), 10am USCDT (3pm UTC), and 6pm USCDT (11pm UTC). Listen by going to ( player on left side of page) or (mouse over barcode logo- click play arrow when appears). Once the audio begins, you can minimize either page/tab & the stream should continue to play.

Please contact me with your reactions, thoughts, & opinions on the program at olioradio[at], on Twitter @clarencejones, or in the comments to this blog post.
I hope you can listen & look forward to your reactions!
Clarence Jones

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OlioRadio Update, new New & new Old Music

A quick update to OlioRadio, adding tracks by Buddy Holly, Cancer Bats, Curley Williams & his Georgia Peach Pickers (Western Swing!), Elvis Presley, Fleshwrought (new Metal!), Gordon Lightfoot, the Grateful Dead, Harry Nilsson, Jack Cassidy (David's Dad!), Jimmie Revard & his Oklahoma Playboys (mo' Western Swing!), Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies (still mo' WS!), Petula Clark (sigh...), Return to Earth, Richie Valens, Takeshi Terauchi & his Bunnies (Japanese Instrumental Guitar Rock!), The Apples in Stereo, The Everly Brothers, The Zion Travelers (Gospel!), Tom Jones (the NEW cd- "Praise & Blame"!), and ,of course, Vladimir Horowitz. I count about 8 decades of Goodness in that addition, heard at Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, July 23, 2010

Even More Eclecticism on OlioRadio

It's the monthly update (new tracks on a new playlist) of OlioRadio. Yes, your fave spot to hear the widest Variety of sound on Earth has added recordings fresh in the shops, & some fresh from decades ago.
And whose tracks were added, you ask? Tracks from these fine Artistes: Bauhaus - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - Cabaret Voltaire - Carissa's Wierd - Corruption Inc. - Dan Laurin, Hidemi Suzuki and Masaaki Suzuki - Delphic - Elysian Singers - Gustave Berl Resky - Hank Penny with Jaye P. Morgan - Hoodoo Gurus - Iggy Pop - Ilmar Lapinsch - Johnny Nash - Kabyzdoh Obtruhamchi - London Philharmonic Orchestra and David Parry - matt pond PA - Minus the Bear - New Lime - of Montreal - Oli Silk - Otis Redding - Paul Revere and the Raiders - Pavement - Ramiro Gallo Quinteto - Ric Flair - Sheffields - Silvia Gomez - St. Petersburg RTV Symphony Orchestra - Ted Nugent - The All-Star Trio - The Dead Milkmen - Tim Buckley - Treva Whateva - and a Bunch of new Station IDs.
If you notice some changes on Live365's website, it's because they did that every-5-to-8-year-new-site-design thing. ;-) If you have any problems getting the player to work, do the classic old fix: clear your browser Cache & Cookies, close the browser, then re-open the browser. All should come clear...yeah. right.
As always, check out the complete playlist at And listen for free from NOTE: minimize that page/tab to keep listening; if you close that page, the station cuts off. No, I don't care for it either, but right now that's the only way Free Listeners can keep on listening. VIP Listeners have no changes in how you access/play stations. Sigh...
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Even Better music on OlioRadio!

HiHo Music Lovers! A new playlist runneth on OlioRadio, with lots of new (and old and middle-aged) tracks added for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Who done been added? Why these fine Artistes here: Aretha Franklin - the Bensenville Municipal Band (circus music!) - Black Flag (punk!) - Byron G. Harlan - Christmas - Culture Club - Dan Penn - Dillard and Clark (country rock!) - Ernie Maresca - Felipe Sarro (classical!) - Forro in the Dark - Holy Cow - Hugo Gottschall - I.J.Hochman's Yiddisher Orchestra (so guess already!) - Ibrahim Ferrer (cuba!) - James I. Lent - Joe 'King' Carrasco (bizzarro world!) - King Curtis - Laurie Johnson (pop!) - Otto Pyykkonen - the Pallers - Pat Kelly and the Uniques - Redbone (native american soul-rock!) - Rudy Mills - Sea of Bees (indie pop!) - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (classic soul!) - Special Recordings Inc. - the Stalkers - The Briefs - The Diamonds - The Doors (lizard king!) - The King Left - The Morgan Twins (rockabilly!) - The Muphets - The Rolling Stones (exiled!) - The Turbines - The Younger Set - These Immortal Souls - Thomas Alva Edison (the inventor!) - Thuston Harris - Van Morrison (the man!) - White Witch (the legend!) - Wild Kingdom - Willis Alan Ramsey (another legend!) - and Wolfgang Kaltenbach. Whew...that's a lotta !'s's got to be great! (and it is)

Listen in to OlioRadio through (Happy 10th Birthday Y'all) at (free!). And you can listen for free on the iPad (same address via Safari), or get a 5 day free trial of no ads Live365 VIP Goodness w/ the apps for iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile at  Keep up with OlioRadio at, or on Twitter @clarencejones (that is moi), or on the blog at And very Special Thanks to you folks who've been listening the last few weeks. I truly appreciate you, and all who take time to listen to the Most Eclectic Station on Earth, OlioRadio!
Love and Peace, Clarence
bit-jockey-in-chief, OlioRadio

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a PO'd Small Person

BP Chairman apologizes for calling those hurt by oil spill 'small people' :
I think he expressed himself absolutely clearly. They (& many others in the Upper Corporate World) are the Aristocrats: we lot are the Serfs. I got his meaning immediately.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming Soon: Shatnerthon!

Early warning: You've got a month to prepare your entry for Shatnerthon!

Shatnerthon will take place at Get ready...
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Television before they made up the Rules...

Live, from 1952, it's the late genius Ernie Kovacs and 'Kovacs on the Corner'.

...with the amazing Edie Adams & No Budget!
(and a tip o' the Hatlo hat to
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Most Eclectic Sounds get Even More Variety

New Tracks invade OlioRadio! Yep, a bunch o'new music is in the new playlist. Wanna know who's been added? The Artistes added are: Albert Brooks (live!) - Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother - Bobby Sherman - Bow Wow Wow - Cagey House - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Dave Lombardo and DJ Spooky - Dennis Miller (live!) - Dennis Morgan  - Dio (RIP) - Donna Loren - Elder Otis Jones (no relation) - Elvis Costello and The Attractions (live!) - Ernest Williams and James 'Iron Head' Baker (live in prison!) - Ernie Golden's Orchestra - Funkadelic - Glenn Miller and The Army Air Force Band - Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five (no relation) - Great Lake Swimmers - Howard Keel and Judy Garland - Iggy and The Stooges - Jeff Beck (new!) - Leonard Joy and The High Hatters, vocal by Gene Austin (not new) - Les Fantomes - Melting Clouds (new!) - Miss Derringer (no relation to Rick) - Nugrape Twins (no relation to Double Cola) - Oblivians - Paula Poundstone (live!) - Pink Floyd - Practitune - Public Enemy - Ray Conniff - Red Hot Chili Peppers (may be related to Nugrape Twins) - Reigning Sound - Rev. Lonnie Farris - Robert Goulet - the Sam Patterson Trio - Shirley Temple - Sparks (no relation to Nugrape Twins) - The Suburbs (Minneapolis!) - The Animals (Newcastle!) - The Camerons - The Chuckles - The Consorts - The Lovin' Spoonful - The New York Dolls (live!) - The Pyramids - The Raspberries - Utah Smith (no relation to Oregon) - The Village People (may be related to the Nugrape Twins...nah...) - and Wreckless Eric (w/Ian Dury on the drums!).
To hear the Most Eclectic Sounds on the Planet, go to & click the big yellow 'Play' icon. Or, listen on your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or Nokia S60 by getting the Live365 app needed at . Ans as always, keep up on OlioRadio stuff at or .Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fresh Music on OlioRadio

Wanna indulge yourself? Well, give a listen to the new playlist on's Sinfully full of flavors from every era of recorded music.
What tasty delights have been added? Artistes new to OlioRadio's digital airwaves are: Arthur Johnson - the Bang on a Can All-Stars - Bettie Serveert - Big Black - Cagey House - Carl Perkins - Circle Jerks - Daniel Hope - Eddie Murphy - Fine Young Cannibals - Franklin fir Short - Hacienda - Head of Skulls! - Insect Surfers - James Taylor - Jenny Dee and The Deelinquints - Jimi Hendrix - Johnny Cash - Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, and Durr - Julius Marx, Margaret Dumont, and Margaret Irving - Justin Matthew Dullum - Medeia - Oh No Oh My - Radio Birdman - Rudy Greene - Say It Twice - Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings - Tall Tales and The Silver Lining - The Crests - The Faces - The First Edition - The Marx Brothers - The Pixies - The Soul Clan - The Yardbirds - Tripping Daisy - War - Wino - Young Divines - and Yuja Wang. Ahhh...the Circle Jerks, Hendrix, The Crests, and The Marx Brothers: only together in ONE place - OlioRadio! MmmmmmmmMMMMmmm Good!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, April 5, 2010

Terry Kath - One Helluva Guitarist

Chicago live in Houston 1977, on the original band's last tour. Terry Kath died shortly after the tour ended.
"25 or 6 to 4"

This is why he was a favorite guitarist of Hendrix...
Love and Peace, Clarence
(Thx to offroad77 for posting the video!)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Johnny Maestro's voice stilled at 70

Johnny Maestro, lead singer of first The Crests & later The Brooklyn Bridge, passed away March 24th at the age of 70: 

He had one of the purest voices of the doo wop era, & still sounded fantastic into his 60's. Check out some of his clips on You Tube.
God Bless his family & friends. We will miss that voice forever.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Live365 Webcaster needs a helping hand

Alan McCall is a long-time fellow Live365 Webcaster. Like most Live365'ers, we pay the costs to do it because we love what we do. Alan happens to be darned good at it too. But, he's a bit underfunded both Online & Offline. Check out how we can help Alan out in his time of need:

If you can help Alan out, I'd be most grateful. He's Good People.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swinging London '69

Carnaby Street, 1969 (from the U.K.National Archives collection on Flickr) ...LOVE those outfits!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fresh Tracks, Fresh Playlist, Fresh HTML and CSS on OlioRadio

Despite all that Nature And Humankind could muster, a new playlist has sprung forth on OlioRadio. It includes nearly 750 recordings, ranging from early 1900's Ragtime to brand-new Metal (March IS Metal Month, y'know ;-)). There's also proof that speculation without information existed during WWII newscasts, and that Western Swing & Calypso were pretty damn cool...and still are.
What Artistes have been added to prove these theorems? Why, none other than 101 Strings Orchestra - The Atilla - B Mitchell Reed - Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys - The Box Tops (Pace, Alex Chilton) - Cookie and The Dedications - Dewey Phillips - Dion and The Belmonts - The Dukes - Eddie Hodges - The Elgins - Elliot Field - Fats Domino - The Five Encores - Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin, Gene Kelly - Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps - Gil Scott-Heron (the new cd!) - John Daly - June Foray - Larry Lujack - Lewis Reed - The Lion - Lusine - Mabel King - Marlon Brando - Martin Sheen - Maynard Baird and his Orchestra - Patrick Gleeson, Mickey Hart, & The Rhythm Devils - Ray Price - Rick Shaw & Tonto - Ross Bagdasarian, Neal Hefti, and Carl Stalling - Slim Lamar and His Southerners - Skinny Bobby Harper - Sonny Burgess - The Chipmunks - They Might Be Giants - and White Wizard.
Don't forget to check out OlioRadio's home, (freshly remodeled!), and/or my musings through Twitter, @clarencejones. I also have a new blog, Bits of a Life, which talks of some of the objects that have continued to cling to
me over several decades (ok, 55 years).

Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alex Chilton dies at 59

Memphis Commercial Appeal story

Alex Chilton, of the bands The Box Tops & Big Star as well as solo recordings, has died in New Orleans tonight. He was an original. From 60's bluesy pop to 70's Power Pop to...well, all over the map & back again, Alex Chilton was an American Original. Bless his wife & son.
I am devastated.

"It gets so hard in times like now to hold on,
Well I'll fall if I don't fight,
And at my side is God,
And there ain't no one goin' to turn me around."
- Chris Bell and Alex Chilton, "The Ballad of El Goodo"

Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Refurbished

The website for this station,, has been cleaned up a bit. Better layout, new background, higher mileage...well, maybe not that last thing. lol
Check it out!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

64 years together

64 years together
Originally uploaded by claren44
Happy 84th Birthday to My Dad, and, Happy 64th Wedding Anniversary to he and My Mom!!!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmmmmm...OlioRadio is Cookin'!

Hot stuff comin' through! Yep, it's a hot new playlist on OlioRadio, with old Faves and new tracks galore! Added to OlioRadio are Brand New tracks from Hop on Pop, Smoking Popes, and We Are The Ocean, Spoken Word from Abbott and Costello, Henny Youngman, Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Myron Cohen, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Burton, and The Marx Brothers, as well as Charlotte Gainsbourg - Comedian Harmonists - the Dells - Dionne Warwicke - Dizzy Gillespie Quintet (live at Town Hall '45) - the Falcons - the Hi-Liters - Joe Cocker & the Grease Band (live at Woodstock) - Joe Maphis & Larry Collins - Johnny Horton - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - King Sunny Ade & The African Beats - the Magnificents - Marlene Dietrich (Young Miss Dietrich) - Peter Gabriel - Pierced Arrows - Rhythm Aces - Sonic Youth (always cool) - The Marshall Tucker Band (live in 1973!) - and Velma Cross and Her High Steppers.
You can always get current OlioRadio info (and catch some other stuff from moi) by following @clarencejones on Twitter, or checking the blog 'Words to Hear Music By' or surfing to Enjoy the Variety of OlioRadio!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"...oh my Darling Cling to Me..."

Mr. B. at the BBC, 2000, with a beautiful rendition of a classic song, "Wild is the Wind".

Love and Peace, Clarence

Sentence Structure Collapse at OlioRadio!

New tracks in a new Playlist on OlioRadio! Who's been added? These Artistes:
Andrew Friendly and Fast Eddie - Bing Crosby and Bob Hope - Bob Dylan - Body Count - Boyd Raeburn - Cutworks, Flower, and Nick Bee - David Bowie (in German and in English) - Delia Derbyshire - Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli - Don Harper - Dragonette - Frank Zappa - Gary Owens - Gordon Giltrap - Horsepower Productions - Johnny Pearson - Jeremy Ward - John Malcolm - Keith Mansfield - Kode9 and Daddi G - Laurie Johnson - Marianne Faithfull - MC Hawking - Neil Richardson - Nervous Eaters - Nirvana - Pretenders - Prince's Orchestra - Rutger Hauer - Sousa's Band - Tahiti 80 - Teresa James - The B-52's - The Chi-Lites - The Colony - The Durutti Column - The Maps - The Meatmen - The Police (in Japanese) - The Troggs - and Walter J. Van Brunt and Maurice Burkhardt.
All the current tracks -
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

New on OlioRadio: from Brenda Lee to NOFX to...

What, you're surprised at the genre-busting nature of the new music on OlioRadio? Silly Wabbit!! There's plenty more where that came from!
Here's a full listing of the Artistes added to the Playlist: Alanis Morissette, Alan King, Alice Donut, American Analog Set, Anti-Flag, Arctic Monkeys, Arthur Conley, Body Count, Big Star, Black Keys, Blind Willie Johnson, Bob and Ray, Boyracer, Brenda Lee, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Celestin's Original Tuxedo Orchestra, Chris Rock, Chunqiu (Spring & Autumn), Color Blind Light, David Bowie, Deerhoof, DJ Earworm, DJ Spooky and Dave Lombardo, Dome, Earl Fuller's Famous Jazz Band, Earlimart, elodie, Eric Idle and Neil Innes, Fritz Kreisler, Gary U.S.Bonds, George Carlin, George Harrison, George Strait, Happy Bullets, Ice Cube, Iggy Pop, Jackie Davies, Jesper Fries, Jim Henderson, Julius Marx and Tom Kennedy, Laika and The Cosmonauts, Le Tigre, Mayfield, NOFX, Of Montreal, Primal Scream, Punky's Dilemma, the Reigning Sound, Ric Flair, Roy Head and The Traits, Samuel L. Jackson, Shake Russell, Shelley Berman, Spandau Ballet, Stina Nordenstam, Tad Morose, Terence Trent D'Arby, The 5 6 7 8s, The Allman Brothers Band, The Atari Star, The Band, The Cloud Room, The Deathray Davies, The Prize Fight, The Residents, The Swingers, The Thermals, The Troggs, The Vandals, The Weakerthans, The Westbury Squares, The White Stripes, Three O'Clock, Tom Donohue, Tommy Tutone, Tom Wells, Vernon Reid and Masque, Waylon Jennings, and Will Glahe and his Orchestra. Now...which one plays "Volare"?
Don't forget, the complete playlist is at My Twitter handle is @clarencejones. And, all things OlioRadio (including listening info) can be found at
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OlioRadio presents better sounds, more variety

OlioRadio is Back!! And at 80 bps stereo!! And with an all new playlist!!
(ok, i promise, no more double exclamation marks)
OlioRadio has returned to Extreme Freeform programming. Recordings from a dozen decades colluding & colliding in a 30 hour + playlist proving that Music is Music, no matter the genre or era. And, OlioRadio now comes to you streamed at 80 bps stereo. Translated from the original Geek, that means it sounds cleaner & better than ever before.
Normally, I would now list the names of the Artistes added to the playlist since the last update. However, that would include close to 400 names & I type one-fingered. Check out the whole new playlist on the OlioRadio Playlist page.
Don't worry, I'll be here for a long time to come with a mix of music so unique, OlioRadio has it's own Barcode! Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes for the Better

Happy New Year from me (Clarence Jones) & OlioRadio! Coming up on the 8th anniversary of streaming audio on the 'net (always thru, so why not an improvement in sounds? Ya got it! OlioRadio is now streaming in 80 kps Stereo. That means that the music sounds better than evah!
And, to kick off this new era in OlioRadio history, a new Special Preentation is now running. A Tributre to WJDX-FM/WZZQ is streaming for your enjoyment. WJDX-FM (later WZZQ) was the first (& only) progressive/freeform radio station in the state of Mississippi. Located in Jackson, this station's signal reached a large portion of the state, & was even carried on cable tv systems such as ours in Meridian. The heyday of 'JDX-FM was the late Sixties into the Seventies, so that's the era for the selected music & comedy played in the Tribute.
Soon, OlioRadio will be back to bringing you recordings from a Dozen Decades in the Freeform Manner. I hope you enjoy this special listen to my inspiration for OlioRadio.
Love and Peace, Clarence