Monday, September 21, 2009

Petrolium Products = New OlioRadio Sounds

OlioRadio has a new playlist spinning...well, the playlist isn't spinning; but the ones and zeros are! There's tracks from all eras and all genres. New Pearl Jam, new old Neil Young, new old Beatles, a chunk of 80s, and a bunch o'vinyl provides a mixture of musical flavors sure to satiate your palate.
And what flavorful Artistes added to the OlioRadio stew! Here's the list! ((v) means transferred from vinyl): Arthur Collins & Byron G. Harlan - Arthur Pryor's Band - Bad Company - Berlin Symphony Orchestra - Brown Recluse - Charles Mingus - Chris Kelly - Cliff Edwards(v) - David Johansen and Robin Johnson(v) - Depression - Electric Deads - Ernie Kovacs(v) - Fleetwood Mac(v) - Fred Allen and Tallulah Bankhead(v) - Fred Neil(v) - Gary Myrick and The Figures(v) - Harry James and His Orchestra - Holly and The Italians(v) - Jack Leonard w/Ray Bloch and his Orch. - Joe South(v) - John Lennon - Johnny Marvin - Larry Green and his Orchestra - Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra - Les 5 Gentlemen - Lou Reed and Peter Gabriel - Mad River - Moral Demolition - Mott the Hoople - Neil Young - Papa Charlie Jackson - Peter, Paul, and Mary - Prince's Orchestra - Rachel Sweet(v) - Sergei Rachmaninoff - the Skyliners - Stereo Total - Steve Miller Band(v) - Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble - Ted Lewis and His Band - The Beatles - The Four Vagabonds - The Gants - The Ohio Express - The Pretty Things(v) [from Freeway Madness lp] - The Psychedelic Furs(v) - The Robins - The Simpsons - The Third Bardo - The Three Keys - The Yo-Yo's - Tiny Parham and His Musicians - Tommy Tutone(v) - Van Morrison - and the Zagreb Soloists.
As always, you can catch me in and out on Twitter (@clarencejones). Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Martin and Lewis forever!

The Incredible Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in 1952 or 53:

...and this was at the End of a one hour live show :-D
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Webcaster group sues over constitutionality of Copyright Royalty Determinations

Live365 files Federal Lawsuit over constitutionality of U.S.Copyright Royalty Board: Article on FMQB site
I am proud to be one of thousands of Webcasters at I support Live365's brave stand, when it would have been simpler to keep paying millions of dollars to a questionable system that has never been properly audited. The suit does Not question the idea of Copyright (also known as Performance) Royalties, only the make up of the Board and the procedures followed in determining the amount of Royalties.
It will get interesting...
Love and Peace, Clarence Jones, Owner/Operator OlioRadio
Webcaster with since Feb.2002