Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fresh music for August Minds

Another wide swath of music and stuff has been added to the new playlist at OlioRadio. Familiar names mingle with the unfamiliar, and there's a six-pack of musical Coke commercials.
Artistes whose hard work has been added to the fun are: Baby Dayliner - B.J.Thomas - Box Tops - Bread - D'Cinnamons - Derek's Accent - Don Rich and the Buckaroos - Duran y Orquestra - Elton John - Erik Friedlander - Erik Richter - Esquires Ltd. - Faces - Frank Sinatra - Gary Brooker - Gaucho Gil f.Danyelle Sanders - Glen Campbell - Jack Greene - James Carr - Jim Stevens - Jimi Hendrix Experience - Lighthouse - Louis Jordan and His Tympani Five - Mandy Hutchins - Michael Tokaric - Natives of the New Dawn - Peter, Bjorn, and John - Petula Clark - Roseland Dance Orchestra - Stroke the Toad - T-Bone Walker - The American Breed - The Bob Seger System - The Brooklyn Bridge - The Bystanders - The Guess Who - The Mosquitos - The Replacements - The Savoy Orpheans - The Suburbs - The Youngbloods - Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Tom Jones - and the Victor Orchestra.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, August 2, 2007

From one of a series of specials Sid Caesar did in 1959:

You can see the beginnings of the effects of Sid's addictions. He's lost a fair amount of weight since "Your Show of Shows", & he covers himself wonderfully when he flubs a line. Sid barely has a line through most of the sketch. But, when you have a red-hot Charlton Heston (just over 2 weeks before the premiere of Ben-Hur) playing opposite you (along with Audrey Meadows & Howard Morris) there's only so much time. Heston is actually funny in the part, hamming a bit & playing the laughs well. I'm Impressed!
Love & Peace, Clarence