Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Best of 2005 on CJ's Radio Olio!!!
Starting at 3pm today USCST (9pm GMT), you'll hear almost 4 hours of the highest rated tracks from 2005. These were rated by You (yeah, you heard me!), The Listeners to CJ's Radio Olio. Also spicing up the show is a handfull of 3 packs: tracks that are some of my favorites, but got lousy rating during the year.
The Show will start at 3pm USCST and repeat at 7pm, 11pm, 3am, 7am, and 11am. All those times are -0600 hours GMT.
Happy New Year!!!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, December 26, 2005

Had your fill of Turkey? Well, cj's radio olio has a new, No Turkey playlist up and playing for your dining and dancing pleasure. The Fine Artistes added are: Aaron Ximm - Athas - Billy Murray and Ed Smalle - Charles Mingus - Cows - Derek Holzer - Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach - Emmett Miller - Enrico Caruso - Fred Frith and John Zorn - Giovanni Bai - Iron Butterfly - Joe Cocker - Kashmir - Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra - Nichols and May - Otis Redding - Pale Jesus - Pedestrian Motor - Phil Hartman - President John F. Kennedy - Ricky Wayne - Shirley Bassey - Sons of Adam - Steve Miller Band - Taj Mahal - The Hartmans - The Johnny Thompson Quintet - The Minority - The Moonglows - The Powers of Blue - The Primitives - Willy and His Giants - XTC - and ZZ and De Maskers.
And, on a happy note, cj's radio olio is proud to announce a special programme for New Years Eve/New Years Day! Beginning at 3pm USCST (9pm GMT) Dec. 31st and running until 3pm USCST Jan.1st, you can hear The Best (and the Best of the Worst) of the olio 2005. This will be a 3-4 hour show (I haven't figured that out yet) featuring the highest rated tracks (as rated by You the Listeners), along with some of my favorite tracks that You the Listeners low-rated during the year! The show will repeat throughout the 24 hour period so that all of you around the World can catch it when it's convenient.
Just another service of cj's radio olio, a division of SRH Inc..
Love & Peace, Clarence

Friday, December 23, 2005

Well Fellow Travelers, it is time for cj's radio olio's Top Twenty Five for December! Yep, it's the top 25 plus ties (39 this month) tracks on the olio as rated by You, the Listeners.
Holiday music is representin', along with several returnees from last month & a bunch of new faves. As always, this reflects your votes over the past 30 days: I don't vote at all.
So check out the results at the olio's Top Twenty Five page. And keep listening to cj's radio olio: Real.Extreme.Freeform.
AND, look for some very special programming on New Years Eve/New Years Day! (no hints yet, but I'm working on it)
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, December 16, 2005

If you are tired of Jingling your Bells, let cj's radio olio Ring your Chimes! Yep, it's the final new playlist before Christmas on the olio. Tracks have been added from these merry artistes: Basketcase - Bing Crosby - the Canadian Brass - Dion - Fred Astaire - Freddie King - Gene Kelly - George Gershwin - Ginger Rogers - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Graham Parker - Homer and Jethro - the Jackson 5 - James Brown and His Famous Flames - Janis Ian - John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band - Judy Garland - June Carter - Lou Rawls - Mel Blanc - Old 97's - Otis Redding - Ramones - Richard Thompson - Saturday Supercade - Shower with Goats - Slade - Stevie Wonder - Suidice - The Ebonys - The Real Kids - The Residents - The Who - Tsunami Bomb - Twenty2 - Vince Guaraldi Trio - the Whoville Children - and Wini Shaw (with a lotta flyin' feet).
Stay comfortable, be safe, and remember: if you get coal in your stocking, you can save on your heating bills.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Not an A-list Blogebrity? The Digiterati not answering your IMs? Relief is availible 24/7 at cj's radio olio, where a new playlist is bringing unfettered joy to the unfettered and fettered alike. Artistes added to the maelstrom are: Arctic Monkeys - Avon Comedy Four - B.J.Thomas - Band Aid - Blind Willie Johnson - Boy Omega - Brother JT - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - Buddy Holly - Camera Obscura - Chuck Berry - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Darlene Love - David E. Lilienthal - Dutch Elms (In Full Remission)East River Pipe - Florencio Constantino - Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby - Frigg-A-Go-Go - Insect Surfers - Jimmy and Johnny - Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting - Jose Feliciano - Kai Normann Andersen - Kirov Orchestra - Little Brenda Lee - Lotte Lenya - Marti Bergman - Meat Puppets - Mississippi Sarah and Daddy Stovepipe - Moby Grape - Of Montreal - Pelle Carlberg - Ray Stevens - Rev. C.L.Franklin - Sambassadeur - Steve Lukather and Eddie Van Halen - Steve Porter - The Beat Farmers - The Beatles - The Collins Kids - The Crystals - The Magnetic Fields - The Red Crayola - The Vel-Mares - Three O'Clock - and the Vince Guaraldi Trio.
Yep, here in the USA it's Charlie Brown time, known in other countries as December. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, a special message: use plenty of sunblock.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Thank God It's December...wasn't there a movie by that name?!? If not, you could make one about the last 30 days at cj's radio olio. Due to circumstances, the new playlist at the olio represents a shift of sorts. But first, here's the Artistes whose creations have been added to the existing sounds and stuff
: Alan Lomax - Albert Brooks - Albert King - the Andrews Sisters - Andy Williams - Artists Against Apartheid - Big Star - Bill Cosby - Bing Crosby - the Black Keys - Bob and Ray - Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans - Brother Claude Ely - Carl Reiner - Cat Mother and the All-Night Newsboys - Dame Edith Evans - David Bowie - Dinah Shore - Doris Day - Duke Ellington - Dylan Thomas - Elvis Presley - Enrico Caruso - Ervin Webb - Firesign Theatre - F-Minus - Frank Zappa - Fritz Kreisler - Gary U.S.Bonds - George Carlin - George Johnson - Geraldine Farrar - Ginger Rogers ans Chorus - Graham Chapman - Helen Hayes - Ian Martin - Ice Cube - Jefferson Airplane - Jello Biafra - Jerry Clower - Jim Nabors - Johnny Cash - Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge - Jonathan Miller - June Carter - Len Spencer - Lena Horne - Lord Lawrence Olivier - Marcia Ball - Mel Brooks - Michael Palin - Monty Python - National Lampoon - Nirvana - NOFX - Orson Welles - Phil Hatman - President John F. Kennedy - Roy Orbison - Sam and Dave - Samuel L. Jackson - Santana - Shelley Berman - Sly and The Family Stone - Smith and Dale - Steven Wright - T.Rex - The American Breed - The Bickersons - The Buckinghams - The City of London Sinfonia - The Cramps - The Drifters - The Faces - The Impressions - The Missing Lines - The New York Dolls - The Only Ones - The Ronettes - The Unrelated Segments - The Yardbirds - Thomas J.Marsh - Tony Bennett - and Woody Allen. Big list.
Recently the RIAA was in communication with Live365 about webcasts that supposedly weren't following the Rules under both U.S.Law and Contractual Agreements. Although there was no questioning of any aspect of cj's radio olio, I decided that any tracks that could be legally iffy ought to be dropped from the webcast. The vast majority of tracks dropped were spoken word excerpts from various media. Some of my favorite bits are gone. The good news is that I was beginning to feel that the playlist structure, independent of the tracks in it, was getting old and confining. The changes will make the playlists a little less predictable and therefore more in the spirit that the station began with almost 4 years ago. Other than a few less spoken word tracks (and a few more xmas songs than, say, in June), there won't be any big differences. it will still be the same cj's radio olio, with the same wide variety of Music and Stuff. So don't fret: I won't be putting a piece of coal in your ears...errr, somehow that didn't come out right. But I promise I won't do that...or change the olio into anything other than a better version of itself.
And Thanks to you for listening (and reading). Nearly 4 years on, and I'm still amazed that someone other than myself likes this. Y'all are cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence