Friday, September 30, 2005

HowdyHowdy! Why not stop that picking up shards and fragments with tweezers, and listen in to the new playlist on cj's radio olio. You'll hear newly-added bits of wonderment from these Artistes: Acid House Kings - Al Barkle - Big Star (from the NEW CD!) - Bill Nettles - Billy Jack Wills and His Western Swing Band - Bob Wills - Cherlyn - David Bowie - East River Pipe - Firesign Theatre - Iron Maiden - Matsutake - MC Shan - Native Boys - Neil Diamond - Oranger - Paul McCartney (from HIS new CD!) - People Like Us - Perpetual Motion - Shirley - Spike Jones and His City Slickers - Stan Kenton and His Orchestra - Steven Wright - Terence Trent D'Arby - Terry Riley - Tex Beneke and The Glenn Miller Orchestra - The Beatles - The Meklight Sisters - The Nein - The Replacements - The Skull Snaps - The Soviettes - The Zombies - Trembling Blue Stars - and Van Morrison and The Chieftains. Mmmmm...tasty!
Enjoy the aural view therein, and add some visuals by checking out cj's radio olio's Top Twenty Five+ for September.See what your ratings per track generate!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Thursday, September 29, 2005

cj's radio olio's Top Twenty Five is Unleased!
A few days late (but never last), the new cj's radio olio Top Twenty Five (plus 5) is now availible at the usual place: As has been usual in the 5 month history of the Top 25+, almost no tracks are duplicated from month to month. Meanwhile, this month it helped to be named Johnny, or derivations of Johnny. Four artistes with that first name made the list. Also, there is a tendency towards pre-1980 music, although Bllix, Andrew Bisset, & Cheese on Bread raise the flag for Modern-er music...I'm sorry, Mr. Webster, for creating such a deformed word.
Thanks for voting, & Please vote again to have your opinion heard next month!
Love & Peace, Clarence

ps: I tweaked the site's color scheme...check it out & let me know your opinion at olioradio (at)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Flooded with Work? Blown Away by hassles? Just sit back and listen to the new playlist on cj's radio olio.It Insures you some much-deserved pleasure.
And which Artistes contributed new tracks, you may ask? (Go may) Welp, here's their names:
One Hundred and One Strings - Accents - Bill Haley and the Comets - Bill Murray - Bob and Ray - Buckwheat Zydeco - Candy Rivers - Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong, Elizabeth Daily, and Jennifer Hale - Cream - Doc Watson - Dr. John - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Elodie - Fleetwood Mac - George Carlin - George McCrae - Gimbo - Golden Earring - James Doohan - Jason Alexander - Jimmie Dale Gilmore - John Fred and His Playboy Band - Johnny Jenkins - Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge - Jon Pertwee - Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie - Kenneth Morrison - Loituma - Louis Armstrong - Michel Mange and Jean Yanne - Mission of Burma - My Bloody Valentine - Nichols and May - Oranger - Queen - R.L.Burnside - Royal Robins - RZA - Sambassadeur - Sly and the Family Stone - Smokey Robinson - Steve Earle - Stephen Colbert and Gary Cole - The Beatles - The Chantays - The Charade - The Crystal Method - The Detroit Cobras - The Orioles - The Prisonaires - The Rolling Stones - The Romantics - Vladimir Horowitz, Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - William Loose - Woody Allen and Diane Keaton - and ZZ Top.
Isn't it nice to know that in a world of confusion and despair, the olio keeps mindlessly feeding you Quality Music and Stuff? I hoped so.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Friday, September 9, 2005

In Houston, a group of folks got together & came up with an idea: Hey! Why don't we create a low power FM station for the People living at the Astrodome? And provide them with FM Radios? We can broadcast hourly updated info on everything from how to ride the Houston Metro bus system (that'll take 'em awhile to master!Wink ) to how to get their kids enrolled in local schools. Plus, the refuge...I mean Temporary Residents at the Dome could listen to music & get their minds off their situation for a little while.
So this group of people got OKs & Encouragement from the Mayor of Houston, the Governor of Texas, the Red Cross, FEMA, the Harris Co. Dept. of Health & Human Services, the FCC, and also got a lot of donations to buy the radios, batteries for the radios, equipement, etc. They were all ready to put it in Wednesday...then R.W. Royall Jr., the incident commander of the Joint Information Center -- the group temporarily governing the operations of the Astrodome campus -- showed up:,2904,68806,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_7
I've seen a lot of self-important pathetically useless Morons in Appointed Positions of power in Houston/Harris County before, but this guy truly takes the cake. As someone who has heard the "No! Seriously! We DID Upgrade it this time! (Not like the OTHER 27 times we said we did)" PA system in the Dome BEFORE it has sat virtually unused for the past couple of years, I can tell you that it's only good for measuring the near-infinite number of times the same sound wave comes bouncing by. As a domed roof on a many-stories tall round cylinder made of concrete & iron 40 years ago, it's bloody impossible to actually UNDERSTAND anything said over the PA...& that's with Professional Announcers speaking into the mics, not some poor volunteer who has never used one in their life.
I hope that R.W. Royall Jr. gets what he deserves...put him INSIDE one of those speakers at the Dome for 12 hours listening to a CD of Harry Carey calling a Cubs win over the 'Stros.
Love & Peace, Clarence
UPDATE: As of Thursday, they are trying to get an OK to set up the station outside the Dome.
Mr. Royall's regular title is chief of emergency operations with the Harris County Fire Marshal's office.
Also, the unofficial word is that ALL temp residents of the Dome have to be gone by Sept. 18th. The Texans' opening home game is that date & the NFL Stadium was built on part of the Dome's parking lot. Oh brother. Exclamation
Se the pics taken of the Dome & it's Residents here:
These faces could be you or your family.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Howdy Howdy to Skip and to everyone in oliomusicland. With Katrina blowin' through town, I had to wait for luxuries like Electricity and Internet service to return to finish up. Y'know, stuff happens. But now there's a new playlist in town, and it's-a streamin' on cj's radio olio.
Included in said playlist are fresh tracks from Audio Bullys - Big Star - Bill Cosby - Bob Segar System - Boy Omega - Brother Joe May - Cannonball Adderly and Sergio Mendes - Chevy Chase - Del Shannon - Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli - David Johansen - Don Dixon (w/ Marshall Crenshaw and Jules Shear!) - Elroy Dietzel - the Ford Motor Company - Former Beauty Queen - Fred Astaire - Fred Neil - Garrett Morris - Hank Williams - Red Allen - Jefferson Airplane - John Belushi - Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys - Johnny Buckett - Julia Lee and Her Boy Friends - June Carter Cash - the Kaiser Chiefs - Kenny Thompson and His Westernaires - Lucky Millinder and His Orchestra - Miss Marcia Ball - Miles Davis - Monty Python - My Favorite - Nan Blakstone - Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake - Of Montreal - Pale Jesus - Pet Politics - Peter Boyle - Public Image Ltd. - Richard Pryor - Robin Williams - S and H Scamps - Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers - Sammy Smith - Sibiria - Sonic Youth - Sonny Russell - Temple City - The American Analog Set - The California Ramblers - The Chrysler - The Clash - The Hives - The International Submarine Band - The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Nirvana Sitar and String Group - The Pilgrim Travelers - The Remains - The Renfro Bros. & The Valley Station Playboys - The Royals - Tokyo Eye - Tommy Hammond - and Willis Alan Ramsey.
"You want the (non-)obvious, you get the (non-)obvious".- Not Todd Rundgren
So surf on over to, fire up cj's radio olio, and enjoy the hep sounds...and call Fred and Ethel and ask 'em to come over to have a listen. We appreciate it.
Love and Peace.