Friday, November 16, 2007

OlioRadio: No Xmas Music So Far!

Got new stuff! OlioRadio has a new playlist for your dining and dancing pleasure. And what Artistes have been added to the All Genres! All Eras! All The Time! station? Well, here ya go: 1880 - Aaron Neville - Barry White - Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - Bert Kampfert and His Orchestra - Billy Murray - Bing Crosby - David Byrne - Diesel Boy - Ed Smallie - Hagfish - Irma Thomas and Marcia Ball - Iron Maiden - Les Paul Trio - Peerless Quartet - Robert Palmer - Robin Trower - Roy Orbison - Scrapper Blackwell - Some More than Others - Texas Tornados - The Amos Garrett-Doug Sahm-Gene Taylor Band - The Orlons - The Pyramids - and Travoltas. Enjoy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, November 10, 2007

In 1959, three brothers who had first worked together over 40 years earlier did so for the last time. Leonard, Adolph, and Julius Marx( aka Chico, Harpo, and Groucho) performed in a tv pilot, "Deputy Seraph". The plot had Chico and Harpo as angels, with Groucho as their supervisor. The pilot could not be finished because no insurance company would cover Chico due to his heart trouble.
I'm as big a Marx Brothers fan as anyone, but I never thought that I would ever see even one frame of "Deputy Seraph". The film-to-video transfer isn't great, the film itself probably is/was falling apart, and then it had to be converted to Flash. Thank You to everyone who helped make this unfinished work availible. It's one last look at the Marxes before time took them away.

"Deputy Seraph" part 1:

"Deputy Seraph part 2:

Love & Peace, Clarence

Monday, November 5, 2007

OlioRadio Keeps on Keepin' on...

Thanks to an anonymous donor, OlioRadio WILL continue for at least one more year. I cannot express my appreciation to them & to the entire Live365 Webcasting Communityfor the support & love shown to me.
You folks are the best!
Love & Peace, Clarence

Friday, November 2, 2007

it's goodbye to Love...

On January 2, 2008, OlioRadio will be closed. Major budget stresses are too strong for me to be able to re-up when my present package runs out.

After nearly 6 years here, there's no way to express the depth of my feelings. I can only say Thank You to the Musicians who created the recordings I've played. Your style & talent are amazing, & I'm honored to have extended your reach in a small way. Also Thanks to my Listeners who have put up with mega-bizarro sets, badly-prepped tracks, & all the other. I thought that there were folks elsewhere in the world who would enjoy music & other recordings from early Sousa marches to the newest IndiePop; y'all proved it.

All at Live365, past & present, deserve all our praise. The dedication & good humor of the employees of Live365 has always amazed & delighted me. You are a Class Act, & I know that greater success is coming.

I don't know what to say to this Community of Webcasters. I'd list everybody I want to single out, but I doubt that the board's software can take a multi-page post. lol Paraphrasing The Duke: I Love You Madly. And I will miss you so much.

Until Jan. 2, OlioRadio will still be pumping out the ones & zeros of over 100 years of recordings.

Y'know they say that the phrase "May you live in interesting times" is a's been a Joy for me.
Love & Peace, Clarence