Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Can't find a instead, a new playlist is on the olio! Newcomers are Ben Hall - Carter Family - Echobelly - Elvis Presley - Esquivel - Feelies - Noel Coward - Purple Things - The Bonzo Dog Band - The Dollyrots - The Fidelitys - The Hives - The Icarus Line - The Litter - & The Treliks. Hope your season isn't bluesy, &, for those in the Southern Hemisphere, Let It Snow!
Love & Peace.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Apologies! I've allowed that mean ugly Demon known as "Work", aka "how Daddy pays the bills", interfere with the important business of updating the olio. Finally, a new playlist, with additions from Brooklyn Bridge - Crabby Appleton - Edith Piaf - GE Silicone Products Division(Yea!) - Grady Gaines and the Texas Upsetters(Double Yea!!) - Instant Composers Pool - Jose Feliciano - Roy Head - and Savoy Brown, along with new stuff from Perrenial Faves the New York Dolls and Walking Wounded, plus some new I.D.s. Whoa! Enjoy!
Love & Peace.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

To commemorate the ink pen I stuck in the a/c outlet staying on the job for over five weeks,it's a new playlist at the olio! Adding to the sounds are new attendees All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors - Bad Religion - Bee Gees - Bill Mattinson - Cliff Edwards - Cursive - Dagoba - Death by Stereo - Eddie Elkins Orchestra - Felix Mendelsohn and his Hawaiian Seranaders - Ferrante and Teicher - Georgia Washboard Stompers - H.P.Lovecraft - Harry Richman - Iron and Wire - James Brown - Jimmy Ruffin (from Meridian,MS!) - Lomov - Love Unlimited Orchestra - Modest Mouse - Montana - Never Underestimate Human Stupidity (yes,it's Long Band Names Week here at the olio) - NOFX - On a Pale Horse - Pavement - Rancid - Robyn Hitchcock - The Black Keys - The Replacements - The Rolling Stones - Wire - & X-Ray Pop. Also,new (to the playlist) music from Glenn Miller and his Orchestra. Enjoy the Snowy Sounds of cj's radio olio! (That is,those of you in the Southern Hemisphere)
Love & Peace.

Friday, July 9, 2004

The olio's website has gotten a new look! Easier on the eyes,and (hopefully) quicker to load. All the regular info is there (updates,info on audio players and probs,the current playlist,info on becoming a VIP) along with links to my 'non-radio'i.e.personal pages. You can go there,they won't bite! I want to thank xaos,who has created several designs and released them for others to use as templates on the Open Source Web Design website,along with many other talented designers. The site is based on his design named "Tension" Appropriate for me,I think.
Anyways,enjoy the new home of cj's radio olio!
Love & Peace.

Sunday, July 4, 2004

Holy Cow (or whatever you may worship)!!
It's New Playlist time at the olio! Because of last week's addition of four hours of material,I added just a little this week. The artists include: 3 Faced - Antibody - Botracer - Brainiac - Colin Blunstone - Essell - John McCormack - The Cure - The Mob -& The Weakerthans.
cj's radio olio - it's all pop!
Love & Peace,Clarence