Monday, December 29, 2003

Got a 'See 2003 Go Away~2004,Enter & Sign In Please' playlist installed this P.M. Among the Superstar acts added to the olio soundscape are Bongwater,Max Blues Bailey,Nichols & May,Richard Harris,the Five Satins,Don Rickles & Buster Keaton,Ginger Rogers,Daffy Duck (singing!),Fred McGriff,Punky's Dilemma,Tommy Ruick,Harvey Lembeck,Tuff Green,Elf,Solid Doctor,Stereophonics,Jimmy Wages,Black Sabbath,Loudon & Martha Wainwright,Bob Lett, & Nature Boy Ric Flair (NOT singing!).
Come to the ONLY place,online or off,that's brave enough to program like this: cj's radio olio !
Love & Peace.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Playlist! HoHoHo...
Combining the talents of Har Mar Superstar,Roy Orbison,Bob Hope,Joe South,Enrico Caruso,The Thermals,Jerry Howard,Florrie Forde,Joe Simon,Wreckless Eric,Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra,Martha Raye,Foo Fighters,Camera Obscura,& Charleton Heston (along with more than 275 others!),a new playlist resides at cj's radio olio. Try something different this season!
Love & Peace.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

It's A-Goin'!!!
cj's radio olio is streaming at 64kps/44.1/stereo...Check it Out!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Changes Coming to cj's radio olio...

Between now (Dec.18) & Christmas Eve,cj's radio olio will upgrade from 32kps mp3pro to 64kps mp3pro streaming. What this will mean to you,the listeners,is:
- A higher quality audio stream for mp3 listeners,and near CD quality (128kps) sound for those of you with mp3pro decoding players (Player365-VIP[less than $5/month from Live365],Winamp 2.9x with mp3pro decoder plug-in)
- The Trade-off: when the transition is complete,cj's radio olio will only be availible to those broadband connections (The stream will not be able to be recieved by dial-up listeners)

This is an issue that I have studied for nearly six months. I have looked at it from all angles,and have looked at & listened to broadcasters who have made the switch to Broadband Only. I dislike the possibility of losing any listeners by this change & I hope that I don't. However,this is the only way that I can continue to broadcast. Without whining about the details,my financial situation is bad. I can continue to broadcast if I can add more VIP listeners (Live365 has a 'Revenue-Sharing' program based on the number of VIP listening hours to your stream each month + people who sign up through your website/Live365 station page link). The best way I can afford to continue to broadcast is to move up to the highest quality stream possible. That's 64k/44/stereo mp3pro. I've listened to the difference,and it is substantial.

I hope that this change won't affect your continued listening to cj's radio olio. Again,the change will happen between Dec.18 and Dec.24. I plan to continue to stream the W-i-d-e-s-t selection of recordings availible to your computer 24/7. Thank You,for proving that people DON'T want to hear "The Same Stuff Over & Over"! Keep listening to cj's radio olio - all genres/all eras/all the time!
Love & Peace.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

cj's radio olio is proud to announce the birth of a new playlist! There are additions such as The Mad Capsule Markets,Robert Downey,Jr.,Little Richard,Colossus,Daria,Penelope Keith,& Grady Gaines & the Texas Upsetters,along with the unusual cast of characters.
Love & Peace.

Friday, December 5, 2003

HowdyHowdy! A new batch of Music & Merriment has been pulled outa the hat here at cj's radio olio. Included in the newbies are tracks by Otis Redding,the Academy Chorus of St. Martin,Ella Fitzgerald,Steve Lukather & Eddie Van Halen,Ted Weems & his Orchestra f.Perry Como,Basketcase,Jelly Roll Morton,Maurice Chevalier,Armando Trovaioli,& John Lennon,along with loads of others. Enjoy!!
Love & Peace.