Monday, May 18, 2009

New Music to Hear in New Ways on OlioRadio

You finally have a Mega-size update to OlioRadio! Now, with a playlist of over 800 recordings, you'd have to listen for over 40 hours straight to hear a repeat. And OlioRadio has the most variety of eras and genres of ANY station on Earth. Fact.

So, what have ya got that's new? These Artistes were added:
Albert Brooks - Allan Sherman - Ann Hathaway w/ Ellis Larkins and His Orch. - the Beach Boys - Bettye Lavette - Bill Robinson - Black Mountain - Blind Willie McTell - Bobby Leecan and His Need More Band - Bon Iver - Brenda Lee and Clarence Clemons - Bruce Reitherman - Camera Obscura (new cd!) - Dave Christie - David Bowie - Death Cab for Cutie - Derek and The Dominos - Dolly Rocker Movement - the Edison Minstrels - Edward L. Crain - Enrico Caruso - Foghorn Leghorn - Grayson and Whitter - Green Day (new cd!) - the I Married Joan Singers - Iggy Pop - Iron Maiden - Jason Lytle - Kansas City Seven - Lead Belly - Lester Young Quartet - Lou Rawls - Louie Blue - Louis Prima and Phil Harris - Martin Mull - Mavis Staples - Murray K. Hill - Nancy Sinatra - Nazareth - Neko Case - Peter Wheat and the Breadmen - Ramona Davies - Randy Newman - Red Animal War - Robert Klein - Rusty and Doug Kershaw - Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers - Snagglepuss - Steve Earle (new cd!) - The Asylum Choir - The Marx Brothers - The Mustangs - The Who - Theodore Roosevelt (no cd...wax cylinder!) - Tweedy Brothers - the VĂ©gh Quartet - Viking Skull - Viva Voce - William Moriarty - and Women (a band, not the Gender).
And, if you have an iPhone, some models of Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone, you can listen to OlioRadio (or those other 6,000+ stations on Live365) on the Live365 Mobile app! Download the app for your flavor of phone, and get a 5 day free trial of all Live365 stations. Due to high Copyright Royalty expenses, after 5 days you must become a Live365 VIP subscriber to get full use of the app (ads cannot begin to cover costs). Live365 VIP members hear No Ads, and right now if you sign up for 3 months you get half off (paying only $11.93) plus a promo code worth $10 at Amazon MP3! Go to for more info.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Committee of the U.S. House Lies to Our Faces

Watched the archived Webcast of today's House Judiciary Committee markup session. It was almost all about the Performance Rights Act (making am/fm stations pay copyright royalties for over-the-air music). They now have the text of HR 2344 (the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2009) online. It's tiny. The bill (HR2344) simply extends the deadline for agreements between SX & webcasters not covered under existing agreements to 30 days after the bill becomes law...

In other words, it's a last chance for Live365, Pandora, & other webcasters to get SX to modify the Copyright Royalty Rates ordered to by the Copyright Royalty Board through 2010, & to make agreements to extend out as far as 2015...

In other words, the Judiciary Committee of the U.S.House doesn't care about small, medium, or large Internet Webcasters. It's a bone thrown to us to decieve us into thinking these "Representatives" care. They don't (except for Zoe Lofgren, who is fighting a brave fight for us). This committee appears to be made up of a lot of 'Flashing 12:00's' who profess "concerns" about webcasters and small broadcasters but believe that "instructing the CRB" to treat everyone fairly is all that's necessary.
Small Terrestrial Broadcasters, Welcome to Our Nightmare. Run while you can, or stand & fight alongside us as we are beaten, but never defeated.

"...and Into the Valley of Death rode the Six Hundred..."

Love and Peace, Clarence