Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OlioRadio Update- August 12,2009

Un autre playlist on OlioRadio! Over 50 tracks added to the widest variety of sounds on Earth, ranging from just-released mp3s to actual vinyl recordings (You see Kids, once your Grandpa & Grandma listened to music that wasn't 1s & 0s...). Btw, big ups to Audio-Technica, Amazon, & too much credit for the USB turntable I now own. ;-)
"Tell us which Artistes you added to the mix, Daddy!!" - OK, Sport! Here they are: Africando - Announcer (very prolific person) - Artists United Against Apartheid - Beethoven 4 - Bembeya Jazz National - Big Star Live from 1974!) - Bono and Keith Richard - Bonzo Dog Band - Boris Badenough - Del Shannon (Live in UK!) - Dion (Live in NYC!) - Djelimady Tounkara - Don Wilson - Ed Young and Lonnie Young - Elvis Costello and The Attractions (Live at Hollywood High!) - From Bubblegum to Sky - Goran Karan - H.P.Lovecraft - Hearts and Flowers - Kinski - Lost Generation - Low - Miles Pratcher and Bob Pratcher - the Originals - Os Mutantes - Patsy Cline (Live in 1961!) - Pine*Am - Postolar Tripper - Ray Charles - Rev. Crenshaw & New Brown's Chapel Congregation - Scruffy the Cat - Spirit - The American Breed - The Beatles (The Walrus was Paul) - The Bird and The Bee - The Dead Weather (Jack White's latest manifestation) - The Dishes (r.i.p. K101) - The Intelligence - The Jim Carroll Band (not Live!) - The Odds - The Only Ones - Utopia - Wallpaper - Winston Churchill - and X-Ray Spex.
With music from all over the world and all throughout the ages (well...the last 100+ years anyways), OlioRadio continues the fight against Same Old Radio. Listen through your computer, or go mobile & agile with one of the phone apps from Live365! Check 'em out at . OlioRadio: over Seven Years of broadcasting Music via the Internet.
Love and Peace, Clarence