Monday, November 21, 2005

wOOt! HowdyHowdy, and all that good stuff. Time for the (drum roll please...or maybe a corn bread muffin) cj's radio olio Top Twenty Five! Yep, it's the top 25 tracks (34 this month) as rated by YOU, the Listeners to cj's radio olio.
All I can say in commenting on this list is: as usual, there's a lot of changes since last month; y'all are rating the short spoken word pieces more, which is cool; I like these tracks. (As always, I do not vote or in any way try to influence the voting.)
Again, go to to see the new list. And keep on voting!
Love and Peace, Clarence

ps: check out the change-of-color scheme on the website. If you wanna comment on that, or anything else, email me at olioradio at

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Black Friday is coming fast in the USA, and no, that's not terrorist-related, exactly. To those in Retailing who feel the Terror and know "the Horror...the Horror...", here's a new playlist at cj's radio olio, complete with some holiday tunes.
Artistes whose voices have to be heard are: the Academy Chorus of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields - Beto y Los Fairlanes - Betty Jo and Johnny Starr - the Bobby Fuller Four - Buddy Jones and his Band - Dion - Elvis Presley - Happy Bullets - James P. Johnson - Jeff Beck - Jesper Fries - Judy Garland - Julia Lee - Kai Normann Andersen - Lawrence Welk and His Champaign Music Makers - Louis Prima - Meade Lux Lewis - Meat Puppets - Nat King Cole Trio - Neil Diamond - Nouvelle Vague - Perry Como - Roger Miller - Ron, Megan, Jason & Jennifer - Roy Buchanan - Stevie Wonder - The Budos Band - The Chiffons - The Four Imperials - and the Vince Guaraldi Trio. Just keep listening, and repeat, " January's not far away. January's not far away...".
Love and Peace, Clarence

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Eddy Guerrero was found dead this morning in his hotel room. He was 38. It appears to be a heart attack. Eddie was one of the finest wrestlers alive. He was fast, athletic, & great on the microphone. The strongest characteristic of Eddie was his Heart. He alwaysd gave the crowd his best, & brought a joie de vivre to the ring that few have ever matched.
He also was a recovering substance abuser, who had gotten his life back on track, his family back, & his pride back. He was, no, he Will Be a becon to those who have problems in life to show that you CAN earn your way back to a place of pride in your world.
He was a member of a multi-generational wrestling family. My prayers go out to his family, & to the millions of fans like me who are stunned by this news. God Bless Eddy, we'll miss you.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Welcome to the home of the Hep and the land of the Kewl Beans...cj's radio olio! There's a new playlist a-groovin' just for you . Artistes added to the fun this time are: Apu - Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony - Bernadette Peters - Bing Crosby - Bobby Fuller - Bob Hope - Calla - Canned Heat - Coach Said Not To - Dan Castellaneta - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Finntroll - Harry Shearer - Jerry Butler - Jerry Warren - Julius Marx - the Kingston Trio - Louis Prima and Keely Smith - Margaret Dumont - Moe and Jerry Horowitz - Muslimgauze - One of a Kind - Polyphonic Size - Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Soft Machine - The Blenders - The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - The Shindigs - Tom Donohue - and Tom Kennedy. Now That's a package of variety in Entertainment for sure! Listen in!
Love and Peace, Clarence.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Who would you rather have as a First Date if you are going to a Dangerous Place: Mr. Solo or Mr. Sulu? Don't know? Well, you'd feel a whole lot better about it if you could listen to the new playlist on cj's radio olio while there. Artistes added to the cycle this time are: Abandoned Pools - Andor Kovacs - Antal Vanhelyi - Assacre - Avons - Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys - Buck Wheat & His Wheatbinders - Catherine Duc - Danny and The Nitro-Tones - Dee Clark - Eddie Shuler's All Star Reveliers - Elmooht - Eric Clapton - Ethel Merman - Harmonia Vocal - Illes - Jack Lord - Karin Kent - K.J.Sawka - Losa - Lyle Lovett - KZEW Announcers - Stereo Total - The Clovers - The Constantines - The Persuasions - The Soviettes - Violaine - Wendy - and Willie Nelson and J.J.Cale.
And, he said, if you would like to see images of normal people (plus me), I've got a simple way to just do it. Your entrance is here at The Clarence Jones Archives (aka my Flikr page)...don't worry, the photos and people are Workplace Safe. See if you can find a future head of the NCSA and CAL-IT in these pics.
Love and Peace, Clarence