Monday, April 24, 2006

Whether you're bouncing into Spring or tripping into Fall, the new playlist at CJ's Radio Olio is your soundtrack! You'll hear Rap, Punk, Tin Pan Alley, Indie Pop, Blues, Neo-Garage(?!?), Folk Songs, Classic Rock, Ragtime, and more...and that's just the new tracks!
Btw, Artistes who were added this update are: Aleksander Iwanowski - Aquarius Void - Bad Religion - Blind Willie McTell - Busdriver - Catz in the Hatz - Circle Jerks - Deerhoof - East River Pipe - Harry Anthony - Jugoslavensko Tamburasko Drustvo - Kathy McCarty - Koordinate of Wonders - Marie Rappold - Marykate O'Neil - Minutemen - Oppenheimer - Reigning Sound - Robin Trower - Sandra Black - Saturday - Shimura Curves - Son House - Spiral Beach - Stereo Total - The Dirtbombs - and The Residents. No matter if you hear it through headphones or home theatre systems, CJ's Radio Olio has sounds for You.
And don't forget to check out the new Top25 as chosen by you, The Olio's listeners, by clicking these words.
Love & Peace, Clarence

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Approximately on time, it's the CJ's Radio Olio Top 25 for April 2006! Yes the Real.Extreme.Freeform. tracks as rated by listeners to The Olio from the period March 21 to April 22, 2006.
Two tracks return from last months chart. Listeners liked the Latin, Ska, Country, Hard Rock, Delta Blues, Rap, Indie Pop, Classic Soul, Movie Musical, Jump Blues, Jazz, Electronica, & Folk Rock genres (tracks in each got high ratings), and the top 5 came from Post-Rock/Experimental, Big Band Jazz, Tin Pan Alley, Easy Listening Instrumentals, and Yiddish versions of Broadway tunes. Guess you could say it's eclectic on The Olio...check it out yourself and see.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Monday, April 17, 2006

Want some Stoner Rock,20's and 30's Blues, or recent Indie? How about a little Punk and a splash of Broadway? Check out the new playlist at CJ's Radio Olio for that and much more.
Who's been added to the Olio's Extreme Freeform sounds? Glad you asked! The Artistes added are: Anti-Flag - Atomic Number 76 - Audiogarde - Black Mountain Creeper - Bumble Bee Slim - Dev/Null - Doormouse - Drumcorps - El Trio Cubano - Guillemots - Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Orbach - Joseph Spence - Josh Rouse - Judy Garland - Kelly Stoltz - the Lakeside, GA High School Marching Band - Lord Sitar - Lottie Beaman-Kimbrough - Mantis - Michael Murphey - Modey Lemon - Nat King Cole Trio -OhNo! Oh My! - Otto Pyykkonen - Petra Haden - Pipedown - Psilocybride - Svenghali - The Daisies - The Voids - Thunderbirds are Now! - Tommy Keane - Virus Nine - and Winston Holmes and Charlie Turner.
You'll find the same variety 24/7 at CJ's Radio Olio, availible through Try it: You'll like it!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, April 1, 2006

What do you think about the income tax? What do you think about the carpet tax? What do you think about when you go to bed at night, you Beast you?!? I bet you think about listening to the new playlist on CJ's Radio Olio.
Talk about Eclectic! (I think I will) How about this list of Artistes added to the Olio: Alix Combelle and his Orchestra - Benny Goodman Quintet - Blind Boys of Alabama - Clarence Williams - David Grahame - Dirty Looks - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Enrico Caruso - Everly Brothers - Extreme Noise Terror - Gerry and the Pacemakers - Gladys Knight and the Pips - His Name is Alive - Homer and Jethro - Husker Du - Larry Wallis - Louis Prima - Margaret Leng Tan - Melting Euphoria - Mezz Mezzrow - Mogwai - Mudhoney - Nazz - Pinebox Serenade - Procol Harem - Rachel Sweet - Ramones - Sun Ra - The 13th Power - The Ark - The Cure - The Hollies - The Olivia Tremor Control - The Rolling Stones - Tindersticks - TV Slim - the U.S.Marine Band - Wayne Shorter - and Wellwater Conspiracy.
Hope that you are sold on the Olio as your home for Real.Extreme.Freeform. music and stuff. Hey BidderBidderBidder...
Love and Peace, Clarence