Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Double Dose of Becky starting Friday!

Fans of the Becky Juro Podcast can hear Two (count 'em!), Two editions this weekend on CJ's Radio Olio! Starting Friday at 9pm US CDT (Saturday at 0200 UTC), episodes 12 and 13 of Becky's podcast will be running back-to-back on The Olio. As always, Becky Juro is interesting, informative, enjoyable, and a powerful voice for Transgender Rights.

Here's the schedule:
Friday 07/28 9pm US CDT [Sat. 0200 UTC]
Saturday 07/29 3am, 9am, and 3pm US CDT [Sat. 0800, 1400, & 2000 UTC]
Monday 07/31 9pm US CDT [Tues. 0200 UTC]
Tuesday 08/01 3am, 9am, and 3pm US CDT [Tues. 0800, 1400, & 2000 UTC]

You can hear Becky's podcast every week on The Olio at these days and times. And, if you cannot listen at those specific times, you can always download her podcasts (or add her feed in your Podcatching client) at
Be one of the ever-growing number of people listening to the Becky Juro Podcast. And (of course) check out the great mix of music and stuff at CJ's Radio Olio, availible 24/7 through
Love & Peace, Clarence

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Olio Top 25 for July is Out!

To quote Casey Stengle, "It's Amazin'!". Of course, I'm talking about the Olio Top 25 for July. Every track in the top 25 had a rating of 10.0 or 9.9! AND, there were 55 tracks with 10.0 or 9.9!!Wow! Y'all must like what's being played. Thanks!
The selection (as usual) encompasses many eras & genres. From Tom Waits, The Last Poets, and The Swingers, to Blind Willie McTell, Roy Orbison, Golden Earring, and Lord Buckley, all made the Top 25. Also, The Mound City Blue Blowers, Buckwheat Zydeco, Bob and Ray, and Kimberly Kyle are there.
All tracks are rated (by Listeners only) between June 28 and July 21. Join in the fun! All you have to do is listen to the Totally Freeform sounds of CJ's Radio Olio, availible through Have a happy!
Love and Peace, Clarence

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Playlist Reachs CJ's Radio Olio! Listeners Amazed!

I promise: I'll nevernevernevernever get so far behind both at my paying job and at my CJ's Radio Olio job. For my Sins (and for your pleasure), it's a BIG bunch of new tracks for the new Playlist. One hundred and four (over 20 percent of The Olio's total tracks) to be exact!
Here's the Artistes whose music and stuff joined the fray: 1910 Fruitgum Co. - Abigale Haness And B. Miller - Acidhead - Alice Cooper - Alix Olson - Alkaline Trio - Arsenio Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto - Billie Holiday with Louis Armstrong - Bob Roberts - Bobby Baby - Charlie Patton - Dan Fogelberg - David Ruffin - Delmore Brothers - Dizzy Gillespie - Donald Rumsfeld - Driver F - Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Fabyka - Fairport Convention - Fin de Siecle - Gary Cole - Gram Parsons - H.P.Lovecraft - Infernus - Janis Joplin - Jesse Fortune - Joey Ramone - Johnny Cash - Juan Tizol and His Orchestra - Julie Andrews - the Kansas City Seven - Karl and Harty - Kenneth Mars - Kite Flying Society - Koko Taylor - Lauren Bacall - Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music Makers - Lecuona Cuban Boys - Lester Young Quartet - Little Brother Montgomery - Lord Buckley - Louis Armstrong - Marcel Türkowsky - Mario L - Maximiliano Sánchez Con El Conjunto Oriental De Ñico Saquito - McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Meat Loaf - Memphis Jug Band - Mighty Joe Young - My Chemical Romance - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - Natasha Spencer - O.V.Wright - Patsy Montana and the Prairie Ramblers - Paul Johnson - Peter Cook - Petula Clark - Pink Floyd - Plastic Job - Question Mark and the Mysterians - Ready for Vegas - Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers - Ronnie Lane - Ronny and the Daytonas - Ruth Etting - Sam Cooke - Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Sex Pistols - Shirley Jones - Smoke - Syd Barrett - The Amboy Dukes - The Beatnigs - The Deep - The Freak Accident - The Get Up Kids - The Keynoters - The Little Ones - The Mentals - The Original Carter Family - The Others - The Psychedelic Furs - The Raconteurs - The Sims Twins - The Supremes - The Sweethearts - The Thibodeaux Boys - The Tricycle - Three Dog Night - Tim Curry - Timi Yuro - Vernon Dalhart - Victim's Family - Vijaya - and Woody Guthrie. Is that eclectic enough for ya? lol Plus Becky Juro's great podcast for your listening and dining pleasure.
Enjoy the variety and fun on CJ's Radio Olio. Why take music so seriously?
Love & Peace, Clarence

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

...hold on to the steel rail...

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett, 60, died Friday July 7th, 2006.
BBC News obituary
He was a unique songwriting voice & a special person. I don't know why this has hit me so hard: Syd hasn't recorded in over 30 years, & many years ago I decided that the best thing was not to act like a hunter stalking their prey...let the guy live his life as he chooses, & reporters & fanatics, quit trying to find him! But it hurts like Hell. It hurts.
I'll add back some of his tracks in the next few days...but not right now.

Thank You Syd.

Love & Peace, Clarence

Saturday, July 8, 2006

U.S.Senator Ted Stevens in His Own (bizarre) Words

The page (on my site)linked to here has an mp3 file of United States Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska speaking in The Senate on the subject of Net Neutrality. He's against it, & details his reasons here. Senator Stevens is one of a handful of people who decide which if any Telecommunications Laws are voted on by the United States Congress. This is an amazing presentation.
By the way, if you are the person which Senator Stevens refers to who "downloads a dozen movies at a time",be aware: Big Brother Is Checking Your Bandwidth!
Love & Peace, Clarence

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