Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Even Better music on OlioRadio!

HiHo Music Lovers! A new playlist runneth on OlioRadio, with lots of new (and old and middle-aged) tracks added for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Who done been added? Why these fine Artistes here: Aretha Franklin - the Bensenville Municipal Band (circus music!) - Black Flag (punk!) - Byron G. Harlan - Christmas - Culture Club - Dan Penn - Dillard and Clark (country rock!) - Ernie Maresca - Felipe Sarro (classical!) - Forro in the Dark - Holy Cow - Hugo Gottschall - I.J.Hochman's Yiddisher Orchestra (so guess already!) - Ibrahim Ferrer (cuba!) - James I. Lent - Joe 'King' Carrasco (bizzarro world!) - King Curtis - Laurie Johnson (pop!) - Otto Pyykkonen - the Pallers - Pat Kelly and the Uniques - Redbone (native american soul-rock!) - Rudy Mills - Sea of Bees (indie pop!) - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (classic soul!) - Special Recordings Inc. - the Stalkers - The Briefs - The Diamonds - The Doors (lizard king!) - The King Left - The Morgan Twins (rockabilly!) - The Muphets - The Rolling Stones (exiled!) - The Turbines - The Younger Set - These Immortal Souls - Thomas Alva Edison (the inventor!) - Thuston Harris - Van Morrison (the man!) - White Witch (the legend!) - Wild Kingdom - Willis Alan Ramsey (another legend!) - and Wolfgang Kaltenbach. Whew...that's a lotta !'s's got to be great! (and it is)

Listen in to OlioRadio through (Happy 10th Birthday Y'all) at (free!). And you can listen for free on the iPad (same address via Safari), or get a 5 day free trial of no ads Live365 VIP Goodness w/ the apps for iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile at  Keep up with OlioRadio at, or on Twitter @clarencejones (that is moi), or on the blog at And very Special Thanks to you folks who've been listening the last few weeks. I truly appreciate you, and all who take time to listen to the Most Eclectic Station on Earth, OlioRadio!
Love and Peace, Clarence
bit-jockey-in-chief, OlioRadio

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a PO'd Small Person

BP Chairman apologizes for calling those hurt by oil spill 'small people' :
I think he expressed himself absolutely clearly. They (& many others in the Upper Corporate World) are the Aristocrats: we lot are the Serfs. I got his meaning immediately.
Love and Peace, Clarence

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Coming Soon: Shatnerthon!

Early warning: You've got a month to prepare your entry for Shatnerthon!

Shatnerthon will take place at Get ready...
Love and Peace, Clarence