Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We Don't Buy What We Hear...We Steal It- SoundExchange

In the first of a series of Point-Counterpoint articles in the L.A.Times, Kurt Hanson of AccuRadio (an internet broadcaster) debates Jay Rosenthal (member of the board of SoundExchange) on issues relating to the CRB decision & the Internet Radio Equality Act which has been introduced in the U.S.House & Senate. Here is Mr. Rosenthal (echoing SoundExchange's Excecutive Director, John Simson) on the promotional value of Internet Radio:
Mr. Rosenthal - "There may be some anecdotal evidence that some listeners "find" new artists and then "buy" the music. But I think the point is way overblown. I am more inclined to believe -- based on the experience of my artist and indie label clients -- that some listeners "find" new music and then, more often than not, illegally download the music.".

Sooo...some listeners steal music, therefore all listeners are guilty. Because you & I don't run down to our local Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy & buy cds by SoundExchange (aka Major Lable) artists, we make Internet Radio worthless as a promotional tool. It's all our fault.

Last month (May 2007) the internet radio stations using Live365's service played over 250,000 artists. Yep, that's over a quarter of a Million different artists. All of that airplay will be reported to SoundExchange & royalties will be paid on every one of them. Wonder how many of those 250,000+ artists will see a penny from SoundExchange?

Go to for information on how to help internet radio in the United States survive. July 15th could be the Day The Music Dies online. Spend a few minutes: help keep internet radio alive!

Love & Peace, Clarence

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