Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Tracks Signifying OlioRadio

It's a typical update to OlioRadio. Former Underground FM bands, live Electronica, recent Gypsy music, Dark Ambient, Clara Bow, and Walter Cronkite dissin' Thugs are representin' in the new tracks. Here's a list of all the Artistes added: Big Brother and the Holding Co. - Bonnie Raitt - Clara Bow and Mitzi Green - Fanfare Ciocarlia - Fleetwood Mac (w/Peter Green) - Frank Shaw and Co. - Ilium - Iwori - Jefferson Airplane - Little Dipper - Nick Lucas - Part of Speech - Pink Floyd - Raison d'Etre - Ron Dadey - The Firey Furnaces - The Moody Blues - The National - The Rolling Stones - Tim Curry (NOT from Rocky Horror) - Van Morrison (with, separately, B.B.King and Tom Jones) - Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather - Willis Alan Ramsey - and ZZ Top. A yummy Freeform musical feast!

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Love and Peace, Clarence

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