Saturday, June 2, 2007

May Top 25 Tracks on OlioRadio

Heeeeere's the Top 25 tracks for May on OlioRadio! These are the 25 tracks (52 this time, due to ties) rated highest by the listeners to OlioRadio between May 1st and May 31st, 2007.

As always, variety is the spice of listening life. The list includes vaudeville (Eddie Cantor, Belle Baker), early blues (Blind Willie McTell, Charlie Patton), DooWop (the Five Satins, the Bel Aires), comedy (Bob and Ray, Firesign Theatre, Kevin Pollack), more recent stuff (Seismic Anamoly, Johnny Thunders, Be-Non), and the Unclassifiable (a Box Tops 60's Coca-Cola ad, H-Bomb Ferguson, Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers, and Ric Flair). In short, the free-est form of Freeform radio availible on- or off-line! Hear OlioRadio at

And Please, go to for information on the threat against Independent Internet Radio, now scheduled for shut down on July 15th. A few minutes of your time spent writing, calling, or emailing your Senators & Representative could keep thousands of Internet Radio stations (like this one) streaming great music and talk programming to you. See for details.

Love and Peace, Clarence

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