Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Chris Benoit follow-up

I don't understand how anyone can kill an innocent person. I can't understand how anyone can kill someone they love. I can't understand how ANYONE can kill a child.

It's more than any excuse or crutch such as Steroids or Drugs. Steroids and Drugs are symptoms or triggers. And they should not be allowed in or around Wrestling or any other atheletic event or exibition, professional or amatuer. But this cannot be used as an excuse, any more than "They weren't getting along" or " He/She just snapped". That is avoiding the problem. Millions of people have emotional problems. I've suffered from Clinical Depression for 40 years. It will cause you to do things you'd never normally do. People need to get help. Their family &/or friends need to get them help. Most murders happen between friends or family.

We can honor the memories of Nancy and Daniel Benoit by trying to help our friends, family, and co-workers to get help for emotional problems. That would be the best tribute to their sacrifice.

God Bless their Families, Friends, and Chris' two older children.

Love & Peace, Clarence

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