Monday, November 21, 2005

wOOt! HowdyHowdy, and all that good stuff. Time for the (drum roll please...or maybe a corn bread muffin) cj's radio olio Top Twenty Five! Yep, it's the top 25 tracks (34 this month) as rated by YOU, the Listeners to cj's radio olio.
All I can say in commenting on this list is: as usual, there's a lot of changes since last month; y'all are rating the short spoken word pieces more, which is cool; I like these tracks. (As always, I do not vote or in any way try to influence the voting.)
Again, go to to see the new list. And keep on voting!
Love and Peace, Clarence

ps: check out the change-of-color scheme on the website. If you wanna comment on that, or anything else, email me at olioradio at

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