Thursday, December 1, 2005

Thank God It's December...wasn't there a movie by that name?!? If not, you could make one about the last 30 days at cj's radio olio. Due to circumstances, the new playlist at the olio represents a shift of sorts. But first, here's the Artistes whose creations have been added to the existing sounds and stuff
: Alan Lomax - Albert Brooks - Albert King - the Andrews Sisters - Andy Williams - Artists Against Apartheid - Big Star - Bill Cosby - Bing Crosby - the Black Keys - Bob and Ray - Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans - Brother Claude Ely - Carl Reiner - Cat Mother and the All-Night Newsboys - Dame Edith Evans - David Bowie - Dinah Shore - Doris Day - Duke Ellington - Dylan Thomas - Elvis Presley - Enrico Caruso - Ervin Webb - Firesign Theatre - F-Minus - Frank Zappa - Fritz Kreisler - Gary U.S.Bonds - George Carlin - George Johnson - Geraldine Farrar - Ginger Rogers ans Chorus - Graham Chapman - Helen Hayes - Ian Martin - Ice Cube - Jefferson Airplane - Jello Biafra - Jerry Clower - Jim Nabors - Johnny Cash - Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge - Jonathan Miller - June Carter - Len Spencer - Lena Horne - Lord Lawrence Olivier - Marcia Ball - Mel Brooks - Michael Palin - Monty Python - National Lampoon - Nirvana - NOFX - Orson Welles - Phil Hatman - President John F. Kennedy - Roy Orbison - Sam and Dave - Samuel L. Jackson - Santana - Shelley Berman - Sly and The Family Stone - Smith and Dale - Steven Wright - T.Rex - The American Breed - The Bickersons - The Buckinghams - The City of London Sinfonia - The Cramps - The Drifters - The Faces - The Impressions - The Missing Lines - The New York Dolls - The Only Ones - The Ronettes - The Unrelated Segments - The Yardbirds - Thomas J.Marsh - Tony Bennett - and Woody Allen. Big list.
Recently the RIAA was in communication with Live365 about webcasts that supposedly weren't following the Rules under both U.S.Law and Contractual Agreements. Although there was no questioning of any aspect of cj's radio olio, I decided that any tracks that could be legally iffy ought to be dropped from the webcast. The vast majority of tracks dropped were spoken word excerpts from various media. Some of my favorite bits are gone. The good news is that I was beginning to feel that the playlist structure, independent of the tracks in it, was getting old and confining. The changes will make the playlists a little less predictable and therefore more in the spirit that the station began with almost 4 years ago. Other than a few less spoken word tracks (and a few more xmas songs than, say, in June), there won't be any big differences. it will still be the same cj's radio olio, with the same wide variety of Music and Stuff. So don't fret: I won't be putting a piece of coal in your ears...errr, somehow that didn't come out right. But I promise I won't do that...or change the olio into anything other than a better version of itself.
And Thanks to you for listening (and reading). Nearly 4 years on, and I'm still amazed that someone other than myself likes this. Y'all are cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence

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