Thursday, November 3, 2005

Who would you rather have as a First Date if you are going to a Dangerous Place: Mr. Solo or Mr. Sulu? Don't know? Well, you'd feel a whole lot better about it if you could listen to the new playlist on cj's radio olio while there. Artistes added to the cycle this time are: Abandoned Pools - Andor Kovacs - Antal Vanhelyi - Assacre - Avons - Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys - Buck Wheat & His Wheatbinders - Catherine Duc - Danny and The Nitro-Tones - Dee Clark - Eddie Shuler's All Star Reveliers - Elmooht - Eric Clapton - Ethel Merman - Harmonia Vocal - Illes - Jack Lord - Karin Kent - K.J.Sawka - Losa - Lyle Lovett - KZEW Announcers - Stereo Total - The Clovers - The Constantines - The Persuasions - The Soviettes - Violaine - Wendy - and Willie Nelson and J.J.Cale.
And, he said, if you would like to see images of normal people (plus me), I've got a simple way to just do it. Your entrance is here at The Clarence Jones Archives (aka my Flikr page)...don't worry, the photos and people are Workplace Safe. See if you can find a future head of the NCSA and CAL-IT in these pics.
Love and Peace, Clarence

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