Sunday, November 13, 2005

Eddy Guerrero was found dead this morning in his hotel room. He was 38. It appears to be a heart attack. Eddie was one of the finest wrestlers alive. He was fast, athletic, & great on the microphone. The strongest characteristic of Eddie was his Heart. He alwaysd gave the crowd his best, & brought a joie de vivre to the ring that few have ever matched.
He also was a recovering substance abuser, who had gotten his life back on track, his family back, & his pride back. He was, no, he Will Be a becon to those who have problems in life to show that you CAN earn your way back to a place of pride in your world.
He was a member of a multi-generational wrestling family. My prayers go out to his family, & to the millions of fans like me who are stunned by this news. God Bless Eddy, we'll miss you.

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