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Webcasters Promote Indie Music & Diversity

Here's some hard numbers from Live365 on the value of Internet Radio to Independent labels and musicians.

July 25, 2007

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Webcasters Amp Up Independent Musicians

Foster City, CA—Live365 Inc. recently completed a study of its 2006 Internet radio broadcasts which revealed that nearly 56% of its broadcast music comes from independent artists and labels and not major record labels. This statistic underscores how Internet radio helps promote new, emerging artists while also expanding musical diversity as the AM/FM radio industry consolidates station ownership and play formats.

Mark Lam, CEO of Live365 pointed out: “Only 10-13% of AM/FM music is from independent artists and labels so we spin FIVE times as much Indie music as AM/FM. Our 10,000 DJ’s are opening up the diverse spectrum of musical genres and artists while AM/FM program formats narrow it. I see this statistic as a genuine reflection of what music DJ’s will play when the choice is driven by what people like rather than profits.”

% of Songs Broadcast on AM/FM in 2006 by Major Label Groups
Universal 31%
Sony-BMG 27%
Warner 19%
EMI 11%
Independent Labels 13%

% of Songs Broadcast on Live365 in 2006 by Major Label Groups
Universal 13%
Sony-BMG 12%
Warner 11%
EMI 8%
Independent Labels 56%

The Live365 study further showed that well over 70% of all the unique songs played were from independent artists and labels versus the four major music labels.

“Clearly, Internet radio clears away a major hurdle for musicians to be heard. With the continued double-digit growth in Internet radio listenership, hopefully more and more songwriters and musicians will be able to use Internet radio to promote their creative works and generate income. That is what Internet radio is all about: bringing together artists and fans using a ubiquitous radio medium.”

Background on Live365

Established in 1997, Live365 ( is the world’s largest Internet radio network that hosts nearly 10,000 stations and streams music and talk to more than 5 million listeners a month. Its mission is to make it affordable and easy for individuals to start their own radio stations and share their love for music to listeners around the world. Live365 has gone to great lengths to provide a legal and equitable means to stream music to listeners while paying royalties for the right to do so.

On March 2nd, 2007 the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) increased sound recording royalty rates which now threaten to bankrupt Internet radio stations. Live365 has joined other Internet radio companies to protest the high and inequitable royalty rates which are significantly higher than the rates levied on other radio media such as satellite or AM/FM radio. Live365 has always paid royalties to songwriters, copyright holders, and musicians and adheres to all applicable laws.

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