Monday, July 9, 2007

Mini-Update to OlioRadio's Playlist...Thousands Cheer!

On T minus 6 days and Counting, a mini-update to OlioRadio. Artistes added to the fun & merriment are: Country Joe and the Fish - Frank Shaw and Co. - Fred Ardath and Earl Hal - Inca Son - Lila Lee - Melodi Light Orchestra - Otis Redding - Ray Starita and His Ambassadors - Suburb Songs - and Tom Jones & Tanya Tucker.

There are (hopefully) negoiations taking place between SoundExchange and Webcasters over the new Copyright Royalty Rates. Nobody knows what will happen to thousands of Internet Radio stations in the U.S., including this one, after July 15th. If you haven't, Please Please go to for info on what's going awn.
Stay cool and enjoy the variety of OlioRadio. Thanks.
Love & Peace, Clarence

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