Monday, July 9, 2007

None for Artists, All for Big Labels!!, recently bought by CBS, announced a deal to license all of Sony/BMG's recordings. It allows listeners to hear Sony/BMG artists. And, it insures that NONE of those artists will see one dime of this money.
BBC Story
You see, under a statutory license (such as the copyright royalty in the U.S.) an amount of money (usually a percentage of the royalties) is paid to artists. Under a direct licensing deal (which includes a blanket release from all copyright payments) NO money is directed to artists. So they get nothing.
This is what the Big Labels want, rather than getting Only Half of all copyright royalties generated by playing their artist's recordings on Satellite & Internet Radio. They set the cost per year (easier budgeting that way), and keep every penny. It's not too late. Keep artists alive: Keep Internet Radio alive.
Love & Peace, Clarence

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Gary Falkes said...

Not just the artists! What about the people who are trying to make a living by running internet radio stations and they can't afford this kind of financial pressure. How terrible.