Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Well,it was an honor being nominated...yep,cj's radio olio did not win the Best Freeform station award at the Live365.com Broadcaster Awards last Saturday night. Congrats to a great guy & a fine broadcaster,the wiz,whose Wizard Radio took home the 'Mikey' (the award,not a guy named Mike). Thanks to all who voted for the olio - I am honored by you.

So,what else is new? How about a new playlist!
Added to the Merry Melodists held over by popular demand are Best Left Unsaid - Chimaira - the return of Dokaka (yay!) - Don Malene & the Dry Ice - Eddie Cantor - Ethel Merman - Evening Lights - Eyes of Fire - Gone for Good - the King Cole Trio - Last Soul Descendants - Mudhoney - Re:Ignition - Rosie Thomas - Secret Agent 8 - Sim Tartt Group - Slipknot - The Vegetarian Gunmen - Total Stereo - & Waste Management. Whatta Crowd! Wotta Show!!
Love & Peace.