Sunday, May 23, 2004

Join the Great Metal/Etc. Listening Summer Bash!
AES II-Cheif's Cabin is the
First,lucky station to be observed during a special summer program based in the Live365 Metal Forum. And YOU can take part! Each week,we'll announce One Station. Just listen for at least One Hour to that station during the week. Also,check out their website. Then,by the end of the week,post your impressions in this thread.
Now,this isn't "See How Big a Flamer You Can Be".Do that,you're outta here. The
reasons for this deal is A) get more folks exposed to these stations,& B) give feedback on the station & the site. Not "You play too much Aerosmith",but is there a lot of breaks betwwen songs w/several seconds of dead air,or are the track-to-track transaitions smooth? Do the 'sets' work? Is onbe song loud & another soft? How is Navigation on the website? The point is to make a better broadcast/site experience for listeners by sharing ideas,techniques,etc. that b'casters can Use.
Join the Party!
Love & Peace.

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