Thursday, May 27, 2004

As John Wayne used to say,"Welp.". Yes Ma'am,time for a New Playlist at the olio!

The new tracks come from Abby 6 - Ambulance Ltd. - Anna to the Infinite Power - Apples in Stereo - David Bowie - Diodes - East Trading Wang - Elf (LIVE!) - Elliot Smith - Herald - Iron Office - Metastoll - Moody Blues (the original band w/ Denny Laine!) - My Morning Jacket - Nerves - People Under the Bridge - Reverand Horton Heat - Rock-Afire Explosion (straight from Showbiz Pizza!) - Softies - Stereo Total - The Accelerators - The Beautiful Mistake - The Blasters - The Pixies - The Shins - Tooling for Bovines - Trees,plus some classic '60s station I.D.s!

It's a little heavy on the Pop/Power Pop side this week. Hey,that's what I got! But,don't despair: any week that I add three Metal bands from Estonia can't be bad! Enjoy!
Love & Peace.

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