Tuesday, May 1, 2007

See April's Top 25 tracks on OlioRadio!

Howdy Howdy Oliofans! Here's your OlioRadio Top 25 Tracks for April 2007. As always, these are the top tracks (27, due to ties) as rated by You, the listeners, for the past 30 days.

This month shows the eclecticism that OlioRadio is known for. The top tracks include perennial favorites Nina Gordon, Blind Willie Johnson, and 'Under the Sheltering Sky' by one of my five favorite bands of recorded history, Walking Wounded. There are early 20th century recordings such as 'Nobody', recorded in 1905 by the great Bert Williams, along with songs from later decades by The California Ramblers, The Du-Droppers, The Exotics (a great ad for Bill McKay Chevy!), and Todd Rundgren. And tracks from the last couple of years by Collusion and Vijaya. You will not hear this variety of musical styles and eras anywhere but OlioRadio!

The Internet Radio Equality Act was just introduced in the U.S.House of Representatives. This bill is the last chance for Internet Radio stations like OlioRadio to survive after May 15th. It rolls back the impossibly high copyright royalty rates set in March to a level that's fair to Artists and Webcasters. If this bill doesn't pass the House & Senate by May 15th, most, maybe all, Internet Radio stations in the USA will have to shut down. Go to savenetradio.org to help keep OlioRadio & thousands of internet radio stations alive!

Love and Peace, Clarence

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