Saturday, May 26, 2007

New tracks on OlioRadio

It's (past) time for a new playlist on OlioRadio. Although there've been tracks added over the last few weeks, I've got a fresh playlist of music and stuff riding the InterTubes 24/7.
And who's the Noobs? Well! Here comes a list of the Artistes freshly added:
20/20 - Alan King - Allen Toussaint - Ann Peebles - Apples in Stereo - Billy Jones (no relation) - Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers - Bobby Fuller Four - Bow Wow Wow (by request ;) ) - Catherine Duc - Dwight Yokum - Earlimart - Enigma - Esquerita - Gregorian Sense - Husker Du - Insecto - Irma Thomas - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Lonestar Pornstar - Long John Hunter - Miss Leslie and Her Juke-Jointers (YES!!!!) - Neurosonic - the New York Dolls (yayyyyyyy!!!) - Patti Smith - R.E.M. - Richard Ashcroft and Coldplay (live from Live8) - Schizowave - Scraps of Tape - Sevrin - Shari Lewis and Lambchop - Shimura Curves - Superchunk - The Artesians - The Beatles - The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Mighty Hannibal - The Residents - The Russian Futurists - The Texas Tornados - The Weakerthans - Trapeze - Warren Zevon (live on the newly re-released Stand in the Fire) - Willis Alan Ramsey - and Zinoeki. A whole bunch o' music goin' on!
And please surf to for info about the Internet Radio Equality Act, why it is desperately needed, and how you can help. A couple of minutes of your time can help save this station and thousands of others.
Love and Peace, Clarence

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