Monday, September 18, 2006

New Sounds of Freeform Goodness on CJ's Radio Olio

There's a new playlist in town...and CJ's Radio Olio has it! Yep Pilgrim, of all the webcasts in all the sites in all the world, some cool music had to walk into mine. Opps...mixed movie quotes...
So who are the Artistes added to The Olio this time? Well, how about: Al Green and Lyle Lovett - Big Joe Williams - Blind Blake - Cows - Elaine Stritch - George Gershwin - Halo of Flies - Julie Andrews - Leo Kottke - Lou Reed - Rod Stewart - Roddy McDowell - Scott Walker - Sergei Rachmaninov and Fritz Kreisler - The Futureheads - The Rolling Stones - The Vals - Today is the Day - Tommy McClennan - Van Morrison - and Widescreen Mode. Quality sounds all.
One sad thing to note, the Becky Juro Podcast will no longer be on The Olio. It is simply a matter of not enough server space & not enough money to expand the amount of server space. To hear and/or subscribe to Becky's wonderful podcast, go to her show's homepage: I'll keep subscribing & you should too!
Till next post,
Love & Peace, Clarence

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