Thursday, September 7, 2006

Helping Hurricane Katrina-affected teachers and students

I know...people are getting tired of "Katrina this'n'that". But please read on and see if you can help Gulf Coast schools and teachers. has requests from teachers in this area for donations towards supplies, computers, etc. to help their classes learn. The page is here. You can choose which project(s) to donate towards & see how close they are to the financial goal for each project. You can also see, on the right beside each project, the economic status of the children in that class (percentage of students living below the poverty line - and those are likely pre-Katrina numbers). If you'd rather help folks closer to your home, there are other areas of the country (the 'View All Regions' box on the left) with requests outstanding.
What is unique about this is that these are teacher requests, not school system staffers or politicians. It's grass roots efforts like this that make the Internet so cool.
Love and Peace, Clarence

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