Friday, September 30, 2005

HowdyHowdy! Why not stop that picking up shards and fragments with tweezers, and listen in to the new playlist on cj's radio olio. You'll hear newly-added bits of wonderment from these Artistes: Acid House Kings - Al Barkle - Big Star (from the NEW CD!) - Bill Nettles - Billy Jack Wills and His Western Swing Band - Bob Wills - Cherlyn - David Bowie - East River Pipe - Firesign Theatre - Iron Maiden - Matsutake - MC Shan - Native Boys - Neil Diamond - Oranger - Paul McCartney (from HIS new CD!) - People Like Us - Perpetual Motion - Shirley - Spike Jones and His City Slickers - Stan Kenton and His Orchestra - Steven Wright - Terence Trent D'Arby - Terry Riley - Tex Beneke and The Glenn Miller Orchestra - The Beatles - The Meklight Sisters - The Nein - The Replacements - The Skull Snaps - The Soviettes - The Zombies - Trembling Blue Stars - and Van Morrison and The Chieftains. Mmmmm...tasty!
Enjoy the aural view therein, and add some visuals by checking out cj's radio olio's Top Twenty Five+ for September.See what your ratings per track generate!
Love and Peace, Clarence

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