Thursday, September 29, 2005

cj's radio olio's Top Twenty Five is Unleased!
A few days late (but never last), the new cj's radio olio Top Twenty Five (plus 5) is now availible at the usual place: As has been usual in the 5 month history of the Top 25+, almost no tracks are duplicated from month to month. Meanwhile, this month it helped to be named Johnny, or derivations of Johnny. Four artistes with that first name made the list. Also, there is a tendency towards pre-1980 music, although Bllix, Andrew Bisset, & Cheese on Bread raise the flag for Modern-er music...I'm sorry, Mr. Webster, for creating such a deformed word.
Thanks for voting, & Please vote again to have your opinion heard next month!
Love & Peace, Clarence

ps: I tweaked the site's color scheme...check it out & let me know your opinion at olioradio (at)

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