Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Some things never change.
However,here at cj's radio olio the Playlist is not in that catagory! This week's playlist adds for your Dining and Dancing Pleasure these artistes: Braces Tower - Carpettes - Chenard Walcker - the Creed Taylor Orchestra - Dan Belloc & his Orchestra - Dsico (yes,that's spelt right!) - the Fontaine Toups - Guido Gialdini - Kenyon Hopkins - Moder - Mr.Downstairs - Myron Floren ("Get down,get funky...") - Sammy Davis,Jr. - Sophia - The Dixie Flyers - The Fridge Magnets - The Hebrew Muppets - & The Mystic Eyes. Also,The Beatles in German,& hip hepcat 60s station i.d.s.
Love & Peace.

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