Sunday, June 13, 2004

My Friends-
cj's radio olio will be experiencing a 'course correction' in the next week. Due to financial issues,I will be dropping from the P500 Broadcasting package back to the I100. I want to make clear this has NOTHING to do with the changes in package costs on June 23. My current package runs through June 22,so the timing actually is beneficial. I know what the Landscape is for the near future.

Because of the drop in storage,I will be moving from 64/44/stereo mp3pro to 24/22/mono mp3. Yikes!! However,since I'll probably be sliding from cable to dial-up at the end of the month,this assures that I can listen to my own station! This is the best compromise between storage & audio quality for my station,since I'll need the largest number of files in order to continue the format I've made so infamous.

Yep,there'll be some tweaks here & there,but the essentials will remain. Tracks will be rarely over the 4-minute mark,but they will still come from the last 100+ years of our lives. The point I was making when I started over 2 years ago was that "It's all the Same-It's all Music". Despite occasional twists & turns,that's continued to be,& will continue to be the purpose of the olio. And,at times,confusion & bewilderment will reign. That's a big part of the fun,isn't it?

So,(if I haven't farked things up too badly the last week in preparation) the olio will survive. The only thing that changes is the slogan (& the Cafe Press schwag). Now,there is a slogan:
cj's radio olio - it's all pop!

Thank you all for your kindnesses towards somebody who you've never met but have treated like a good friend. You're stuck with me for a while any thick-sliced bologna??
Love & Peace,Clarence

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