Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmmmmm...OlioRadio is Cookin'!

Hot stuff comin' through! Yep, it's a hot new playlist on OlioRadio, with old Faves and new tracks galore! Added to OlioRadio are Brand New tracks from Hop on Pop, Smoking Popes, and We Are The Ocean, Spoken Word from Abbott and Costello, Henny Youngman, Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, Myron Cohen, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Burton, and The Marx Brothers, as well as Charlotte Gainsbourg - Comedian Harmonists - the Dells - Dionne Warwicke - Dizzy Gillespie Quintet (live at Town Hall '45) - the Falcons - the Hi-Liters - Joe Cocker & the Grease Band (live at Woodstock) - Joe Maphis & Larry Collins - Johnny Horton - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - King Sunny Ade & The African Beats - the Magnificents - Marlene Dietrich (Young Miss Dietrich) - Peter Gabriel - Pierced Arrows - Rhythm Aces - Sonic Youth (always cool) - The Marshall Tucker Band (live in 1973!) - and Velma Cross and Her High Steppers.
You can always get current OlioRadio info (and catch some other stuff from moi) by following @clarencejones on Twitter, or checking the blog 'Words to Hear Music By' or surfing to olioradio.net. Enjoy the Variety of OlioRadio!
Love and Peace, Clarence


Anonymous said...

Hey Clarence!
This is Todd from Hop On Pop. Just wanted to say thank you for playing my tunes! It's always great to get an ear, and even greater when the person attached to that ear thinks enough of my song to play it for others!
Much appreciated.

Clarence E. Jones III said...

You are very Welcome Todd! Glad to be able to share good sounds!
Love and Peace, Clarence