Friday, January 8, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-changes for the Better

Happy New Year from me (Clarence Jones) & OlioRadio! Coming up on the 8th anniversary of streaming audio on the 'net (always thru, so why not an improvement in sounds? Ya got it! OlioRadio is now streaming in 80 kps Stereo. That means that the music sounds better than evah!
And, to kick off this new era in OlioRadio history, a new Special Preentation is now running. A Tributre to WJDX-FM/WZZQ is streaming for your enjoyment. WJDX-FM (later WZZQ) was the first (& only) progressive/freeform radio station in the state of Mississippi. Located in Jackson, this station's signal reached a large portion of the state, & was even carried on cable tv systems such as ours in Meridian. The heyday of 'JDX-FM was the late Sixties into the Seventies, so that's the era for the selected music & comedy played in the Tribute.
Soon, OlioRadio will be back to bringing you recordings from a Dozen Decades in the Freeform Manner. I hope you enjoy this special listen to my inspiration for OlioRadio.
Love and Peace, Clarence

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