Friday, January 30, 2009

OlioRadio Celebrates Seven Years!

Yep, on February 1st, OlioRadio will mark seven years of webcasting. It seems like only yesterday that I started streaming recordings over the Intertubes through[Insert annoying memories of an Elder Geek Here]

To celebrate, I, Clarence Jones (owner-operator and Chief bottle-washer of OlioRadio), promise you a new era of transparency. I've put together a 4 hour (3 hours and 40 minutes for Live365 VIPs - no ads!) special revealing some of MY personal favorite recordings. Finally, I'm giving you a peek at some of my deep-down most-loved tracks, stuff I'd want on a 'desert island', along with a disc-player...and electricity or a large supply of batteries.

I take the plastic wrap off this special show at Midnight tonight (that's 12:00am Feb.1 US CST, 6:00am GMT). But do not despair if you can not listen tonight! The show will run at Midnight, 8am, and 4 pm US CST (6am, 2pm, and 10pm GMT)for the next week (Feb. 1-7)! So grab a taste of what I really love to hear on OlioRadio this week! And Thank You to all of you who have contributed to my station and my life. Y'all are Too Cool!
Love and Peace, Clarence

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