Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The OlioRadio Top 25 for August 2008 is here

The Listeners to OlioRadio have spoken! Again! The latest OlioRadio Top 25 Tracks list is now online at olioradio.net/toptwentyfive. These are the top-rated recordings as voted by listeners (between August 4th and September 3rd, 2008)..

As always, the Top 25 is pretty darned eclectic. From the past two decades come Lyle Lovett, Dread Zeppelin, Mosquitos, and Marcia Ball's release from earlier this summer (well, summer in the Northern Hemisphere). Then, from the 80s there's Warren Zevon (live!) and Time Zone, while the 60s and 70s give us Laurie Johnson, The Mamas and The Papas, and George Carlin. But, also loved were Prince Albert Hunt's Texas Ramblers, the Canadian Band of The Allied Expeditionary Force, and (not an aria from one of his operas, but the voice of the man himself) Giacomo Puccini, all from the era of wax cylinders and 78s.

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Love and Peace, Clarence.

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