Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miss me? Well, I'm back!

After paddling against the current on a very brown stream in order to catch up with a new playlist on OlioRadio (still working on that) and a thousand other things online, I found myself at the start of this week facing:
a) A "Stay-cation" (taking vacation time but staying at home),
b) A looooong list of tasks around the house (generated by my Mom),
c) My internet connection going out.
Of course, the most frightening of these was c). :-) And here's the kicker: Comcast couldn't schedule a service call until July 2nd. Yup, no blogs, no podcasts, no nothin' until July 2nd.
Luckily for me, the neighbor across the street had a service call (for a cable tv problem) this morning. Doubly lucky, my 81-year-old Mom is nosey, and walked across the street to ask the serviceman if he was there to fix an internet connection prob with our neighbors (no) and to tell him that we had that type of prob & that I was told it would be July before they could fix it. Ten minutes later, the guy had fixed the neighbor's glitch, & fifteen minutes after that he had restored me to The Land Where Others Twittr. I'm happy that my Mom's gregariousness (sic?) saved Comcast fuel costs (didn't take much to drive the 50 feet from their driveway to ours) and having to only credit us with 6 days of no service (as opposed to 18 days if the July 2nd appointment had stood). More importantly, I missed being online. It's become part of my identity. I'm not consumed by it, but it is a valuable part of my life. I also want to thank all the Comcast call center folks I've interacted with over the past week. Each one was polite, helpful, & seemed to enjoy assisting customers. This is rare and much appreciated.

Now, one of these days I've got to update that station playlist...
Love & Peace, Clarence

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