Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rest in Peace: Paul Davis and Al Wilson

Two talented folks from here in Meridian,MS have left us the last 24 hours.

Paul Davis, singer-songwriter of the late 70s/early 80s hits "Cool Night", "'65 Love Affair", and "I Go Crazy" among others, died of a heart attack this morning here in Meridian at age 60:
WTOK.com story

Al Wilson, born and raised in Meridian and performer of '60s/early 70s hits "The Snake" and "Show and Tell", died Monday in Fontana, CA of kidney failure at 68:
Yahoo News story

Not a good day for music lovers here. Respect and Love to their families & friends.
Love & Peace, Clarence


erik hogstrom said...

I couldn't stand "I Go Crazy" at the time of its release -- it was seriously overplayed by the radio stations where I lived. However, in listening to it this morning, I find it's actually rather good.
I love Al Wilson's "The Snake." He had a snarling style of delivery on that song that is really great. I also love the guitar licks that open the song. A true classic. "Take me in oh tender woman." Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Both of those singers were just wonderful. I can remember hearing Al Wilson's "Show and Tell" when I was in jr. high school. It was a real slow dance favorite at the school dances. Paul Davis, of course, had several awesome songs, but my two hands down favorites are "Cool Night" and "65 Love Affair." May both of these talented gentlemen rest in peace. My prayers and thoughts go out to their respective families and fans.