Sunday, April 8, 2007

New Playlist at OlioRadio full of Musical Masters

Hopping for variety in Music? Jump on the new playlist at OlioRadio. Norther, Souther, Easter, or Wester, you'll never find cooler sounds than these.

What Artistes' tracks have been newly added to these sounds, you ask? Here's the list: Baby Grandmothers - Bertha 'Chippie' Hill - Billy Murray - Blind Willie McTell - Charlie Linville and the Fiddlin' Linvilles - Collusion - Coon-Sanders Nighthawks - Cross Canadian Ragweed - David Bowie and David Gilmour - David Bowie (again?) and The Arcade Fire - David Bowie (jeez!) and the Spiders from Mars - Dolly Parton - Don Churchill and His Texas Mavericks - Eric Burdon/The Animals - George Jones - Harlow Wilcox and an unknown orchestra - Helpful Soul - John Barrymore - John Lennon - June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash - Kevin Pollack - Leroy Justice - Los Campesinos - Lyle Lovett - Marianne Faithful - Mary Love - Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner - Merle Haggard - Motorbaby - Petland - Rae Eleanor Ball - Renee Sebastian - Richard Belzer - Robin Williams and Billy Crystal - Roger Creager - Shake Russell - Shake Russell and Dana Cooper - Stereo Total - Steve Fromholz - Steve Marriott - Swamp Dogg - Ted Weems and His Orchestra - The California Ramblers - The Echoe Band - The Knickerbockers - The Spotnicks - The Ya-Yas - Tommy Alderson - Tubeway Army - Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra - Waylon Jennings - Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner with The Warner Bros. Orchestra - and Yuya Uchida and The Flowers. As Donn G. O'Vonnie once said, "A cultural landslide to fill your home entertainment center!".

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Love and Peace, Clarence

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