Sunday, March 18, 2007

OlioRadio has a new Playlist, same Attitude

No matter what the U.S.Copyright Office does, OlioRadio brings you what you need: New tracks and a new playlist. Got ya some brand new stuff from Sherwood, The Prestige, Scott Walker, and Patti Smith (yayy!!!); not so new stuff from Ray Stevens, Little Milton, and Chris Bell; and cool stuff from all. New sounds in the playlist come from: Andrija Rudic and NuLix - Boho Paisley - Buddug Verona James - BugGiRL - Chris Bell - Colourbox - Delaware - Dylan Hears a Who - Little Milton - Mama Cass Elliot - Marty Robbins - Mercy - Mission of Burma - Patti Smith - QuestRoomProject - Ray Stevens - Ric Flair - Scott Walker - Sherwood - Sorta - Squirt Company - The Fairways - The Go! Team - The Prestige - The Reduced Shakespeare Company - The Ronettes - The Sound - Tommy James and the Shondells - and XiuXiu.

Internet Radio is being attacked. Go to Save the Streams to find out more and see how you can help. And for a history of the Copyright Performance Royalty and what's behind it, go to the March 16th posting on Kurt Hanson's site. Help OlioRadio and thousands of other Internet Radio Webcasters to survive.
Love and Peace, Clarence

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