Tuesday, December 5, 2006

RIAA Claims Songwriters, Publishers Make Too Much Money

Yes, you read that right: article from Radio & Records site.
The RIAA, which has asked the US Copyright office to raise the Performance Royalties Live365 & most other legal webcasters pay to 30% of the webcaster's gross revenues, has now asked the Copyright office to CUT the Royalties paid to Publishers & Songwriters. The RIAA feels that publishers & songwriters made too much while recorded music sales fell.
(from article): "During the period when piracy was devestating the record industry, the RIAA argues, profits for publishers rose as revenues generated from ringtones and other innovative services grew."

Soooo...publishers & songwriters were not hurt by piracy (although they did not make a penny on all that pirated music), and the record companies have not seen "profits [grow] as revenues from ringtones and other innovative services [grow]". Let's see: 50 cents for every 99 cent track sold by iTunes, similar amounts from MSN, Yahoo!, plus whatever from the subscription plans from Napster & Rhapsody, along with half a Billion dollars from Microsoft to Universal Music (a part of General Electric, where 'Progress is Our Most Important Product')...

in other words "Just bend over, this won't hurt a bit..."

Love & Peace, Clarence

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